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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The LA Unified School District, iPads, and other news

In a story in Appleinsider quoting the Los Angeles Times, the LAUSD has halted the program for equipping students with iPads. Accusations of conflict of interest between top LAUSD employees have emerged.  The school district will try out various Windows laptops and Chromebooks, too.

The editor did not go to school in the LAUSD. He is quite aware that many members of MacValley either currently work for or  worked in LAUSD. He would welcome their comments. 

The editor will repeat a comment he made earlier about the LA School Board and us, the voters. We can’t ignore these elections or just vote for the candidate because the Teacher’s Union endorses them or opposes them. If the LA School Board is going to spend billions of our tax dollars on technology, it’s up to the voters to ensure they send candidates to office who won’t be baffled by the flashiest Keynote or Powerpoint presentation. 

While on the topic of iPads, Bloomberg News reports that Apple will bring out a 12.9” iPad next year. Features and price are unknown at this time. 


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Voice

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