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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dukto-cross platform file transfer between Windows, OS X, and Linux

In my previous article about Synergy, I mentioned the open-source application Dukto for transferring files and folders between various platforms. This is how to set it up and get it working between Windows and OS X. Linux I’ll go into in a subsequent article.


First go to Dr. Colombo’s personal Web site for the installers for Windows and OS X. You’ll have to scroll down the page to reach them, but he clearly marked them.




This is what you see when you open the .DMG file for Dukto. He’s got a sense of humor.




So you’ve installed the Dukto app. Click on it.


I got this message from OS X:





So I allow network connections. Now Dukto comes up.

And no, that’s NOT my picture. That’s some idiot in Florida caught doing something hilariously disgusting. Any readers in Florida care to comment?





So you install Dukto in Windows by clicking on the .EXE, following the steps. You end up with Dukto in your Start Menu (this is Windows 7) 


Dukto in Windows Start Menu


You double-click on it and get this on your desktop:


Dukto on Windows desktop


How to send files from one machine to the other:

You double-click on Captain Obvious here on the Windows machine. 

Dukto on Windows desktop captain obvious


The next window asks you “What do you want to do?” Well, I want to send some files

Send files from windows to os x

Click on “Send some files” and  you get the Windows File Dialog box.

Router manual to send from Windows to OS X


Select the files you want to send to the other machine and click on the Open button. Dukto sends you the files to your OS X machine to your Desktop. There’s the Router manual that was on the Windows machine now on the OS X machine.


Router manual  on OS X desktop


That’s a brief explanation of how Dukto works. If you click on the gear that you see at the bottom of the screenshot, you can change where the files go. You won’t have to mess up your desktop.

Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog
















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