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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The iPad doesn't come with a keyboard and other observations

First, let me state who I am. I am a 59 year old single guy with no kids. My politics tend toward libertarian.


Now for the news of the day Apple-wise. 

School boards have discovered that the iPad doesn’t come with a keyboard as standard issue. Many of them, including LAUSD, have changed their minds and started adding Chromebooks and Windows notebooks to their mix of portable computers intended for their students. 

I think the fault lies with us, the voters. We tend to think of school board elections as low importance issues, in spite of the fact that they spend millions and billions of dollars molding the minds of the next generation. I’m going to go to the next school board election coffee-klatsch and ask the candidates just how familiar they are with iPads vs conventional form figure notebooks. Such as my MacBook Air. 

I have also read that LAUSD got hot and bothered about students customizing their iPads. They figured out how to get around the ludicrously simple blocks to accessing the wider Net. Good Lord, we expect students to solve all sorts of difficult test questions. Why did we, the adults, not expect some of the smarter kids to figure out how to pick the lock and then teach their fellow students the easy trick to doing so? 


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog






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