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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for June 23 2017

Watch Apple build its brand-new campus in 18 seconds
The 20 best smartphones in the world
According to this article:
1.  Google Pixel
2.  Google Pixel XL
3.  iPhone 7 Plus
4.  iPhone 7
New iPad Pro Inches Toward Replacing PC, but Falls Short
The professional tablet, which comes in two screen sizes — 10.5 or 12.9 diagonal inches — is incrementally improved from previous models.
But after about a week of testing the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, I concluded that Apple’s professional tablet still suffers from some of the same problems when compared with a laptop. Most important, keyboard typing is not comfortable, and some tasks are better done with a mouse than with a touch screen. In the end, I would still recommend a traditional laptop for most professionals.
I used the iPad Pro in research and outlining for this review. But when it came to writing it while reviewing notes simultaneously, I switched back to my MacBook Air, largely because the keyboard felt better to type on and it was easier to multitask with several apps.
iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro: Which Is Best for You?
10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017) Vs. Surface Pro Gen 5 (2017)
Verdict: The iPad Pros is the best tablet out there but not the best laptop replacement.
Verdict: Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a great hybrid that comes very close to a full-fledged laptop -- and beats the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement.
iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro: 5 ways to choose
iPad Pro or Surface Pro?
Interview of Josh Goldman — CNET reviewer.
No video, only audio.
AW comment:  The audio bar is small — I almost didn’t notice it.
Apple’s new iPad Pro is the innovation missing in the Android ecosystem
Apple’s new iPad Pro and iOS 11? That single-handedly put every single Android manufacturer, and Google, to shame.
What makes the iPad Pro so innovative is the accompanying software.
MacBook Pro vs. MacBook vs. MacBook Air: Which should you buy?
MacBook 2017 review: The bang for your buck gets better
This is a review of the MacBook — notice the word “Pro” is missing.
The newest MacBook is a better buy than it has been, thanks to performance improvements by its processor and graphics upgrade.
Apple MacBook (2017) review
The Good:
The new 12-inch MacBook adds the improved keyboard mechanism from the MacBook Pro line. New processor and RAM options mean better performance.

The Bad:
Little else has changed, including the lack of ports beyond a single USB-C connection. You still can't get more-powerful mainstream Intel processors.

The Bottom Line:
With a subtle tweak to the keyboard and better component choices, this cult favorite mini MacBook suddenly feels like it can be your everyday laptop.
Believe it or not, the iPad Pro is faster than the 2017 and 2016 MacBook Pros in SOME performance tests
Apple's Powerful MacBook Pro Humbled By New iPad Pro
The idea that a laptop should be better than a tablet is widely expected.
Comparing the benchmarks of the latest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro machines leads to some interesting discoveries regarding the respective capabilities of the two devices launched at WWDC. Benchmarking the CPUs handed a narrow victory to the laptop, but the GPU victory went to the tablet family.
Here are all the major changes coming to your iPhone
I'm a disabled person, and Siri changed my life. Then I lost the ability to speak
The Google Assistant iPhone app, does not, that I know of, read text. Siri does. But with Google Assistant’s typing commands, I am able to complete tasks I was only able to do with Siri when I could speak.
Together they offer what one app should: a virtual assistant that allows me to type commands and prompt it to read text.
Think Siri is no match for Google Assistant? Watch this video showdown
The video shows just how far Siri in iOS 11 has come.
The “Beta Test” version of iOS 11 is being used by some people.
Apple’s web site says iOS 11 should be released for everyone else in the fall of 2017.
watchOS apps continue to disappear as Whole Foods says ‘nighty nighty’ to Apple Watch support
Whole Foods just removed its Apple Watch app from the App Store, making it the latest company to do so after Google, eBay, Amazon and others did the same earlier this year.
Apple working with startup Health Gorilla to add health diagnostic data to iPhone
Apple is looking to solve the “interoperability” problem of medical records by making the patient the “center of their own care.”
Apple has a secret team working to turn the iPhone into a one-stop shop for medical records information, partnering with select companies and looking to acquire smaller start-ups.
In its quest to turn the iPhone into a comprehensive health repository for every iPhone user, Apple has teamed up with Health Gorilla, a company specializing in aggregating diagnostic information.
Apple wants to create a centralized database for all of a person's health data, which would allow the medical community to overcome existing barriers that often prevent or complicate the transfer of patient data between providers, ultimately resulting in better care for patients.
The iPhone changed the world, and it changed Apple—except in one crucial way
Steve Jobs hired an experienced supply chain executive, Tim Cook. With Jobs’ support and inspiration, the future COO and CEO assembled the necessary team, set new rules, and forged new partnerships. As quantity begets nature, Apple became a different company.

…although not entirely.

One thing that didn’t change at Apple: The compulsion for total control through hardware/software integration.
AppleCare+ for Mac and iPhone Must Be Bought Within 60 Days of Purchase
All of Apple's AppleCare+ plans for Macs, iPads, and iPhones, must be bought alongside a new device or within 60 days of purchase, according to AppleCare+ support staff that MacRumors spoke to.
The original AppleCare plans for the Mac could be purchased while the Mac was still under its standard warranty, so customers had a year to buy it, but with the new AppleCare+ plan for Mac, a purchase must be made within 60 days.
AW comment:
Apple has begun to address this issue but needs to to better.
Remember to log out of iCloud before selling an iOS device
Before selling or giving away an Apple iOS device, users need to sign out of iCloud and erase all contents and settings. Otherwise, the new owner may not be able to activate and use the iPhone or iPad.
This is because of the Find My iPhone function, which helps locate a device and block it remotely in case of theft or loss. When you sign out of iCloud, this function is deactivated.

To log out of iCloud, go into Settings > iCloud on the device and sign out.
How to Make an Old, Slow Phone Feel Like New Again
Woman Loses Phone, But Gets It Right Back Thanks To Apple iCloud
Two-factor authentication required for beta versions of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra
“If you install the iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra public betas this summer and meet the basic requirements, your Apple ID will be automatically updated to use two-factor authentication,” Apple explains in its email to users.
It’s not totally clear whether two-factor authentication will be required for ALL users who update to iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra — or whether it’s only necessary for those who already use two-step authentication.
How to update to two-factor authentication (2FA) for an iTunes-only Apple ID
If you’re like me (and many of you are), you have two Apple IDs for historical reasons that you continue to use:
One for iCloud and one for the Apple Store.
After June 15, Apple requires 2FA… 
AW comment:  The instructions seem a bit complicated.  Setting it up seems easier if you use an iMac or MacBook than if you use an iOS device.
How to set up two-factor authentication on all your online accounts
Apple's Biggest Mistake After Steve Jobs Was Conceding The Power User Market
By not offering a suitable machine for power users, Apple has burned a pile of good will with its most influential (and wealthiest) customers.

Apple should make power user Macs for the same reason that auto companies participate is motor sports.
One man in a tiny Irish town could derail Apple’s plans for Europe
Allan Daly an American by birth and an environmental engineer by trade, and his main objections to the project were environmental. He was worried about the strain the proposed data center would put on Ireland’s electrical grid. He was also worried that Apple had no plans to mitigate the volume of greenhouse gas emissions he’d calculated the facility would produce. Plus, he just didn’t think the site in Derrydonnell Wood was suitable. There were better sites in County Galway already zoned for this type of thing. He thought Apple should choose one of those instead.
Apple is the world’s most valuable company, and it’s used to getting its way. Yet here in rural Ireland, one man has managed to block its ambitions.
Virus scanner or malware? Beware app store fakes
In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack, 27 different smart-phone apps materialized promising to protect your phone from the global cyber threat.

But wait: WannaCry, which ensnared more than 200,000 computers around the world, doesn't target phones. It used an exploit, discovered by the National Security Agency and leaked by hackers, that targeted outdated Windows systems.

Perhaps more alarming was that these apps were filled with malware — executing the very attacks these apps promised to protect against.
Apple's Laxity Is Leading to Scammers and Risky Apps in the App Store
Apple has failed to adequately screen a few apps that not only are dangerous, but are scams, resulting in huge monthly charges.
This is an embarrassment to Apple that needs to be addressed quickly.
All of the crypto-currency money in the world, in one chart
This article has a list of how many dollars worth of each crypto-currency exist right now.
Bitcoin currently tops the list at $46 Billion worth.
But there’s a whole crypto world out there beyond bitcoin: CoinDesk lists more than 800 cryptocurrencies, though most of them are thinly traded and have market capitalizations under $1 million. Only eight cryptocurrencies are worth more than $1 billion, as you can see in our chart.
College students would give up their friends’ privacy for free pizza
Americans may claim to value privacy, but their actions suggest otherwise.

Nearly three-quarters of people (74%) in the U.S. believe it’s “very important” to be in control of who can get information about them and 60% say they would never feel comfortable sharing their email contacts. However, the vast majority of college students (98%) gave away their friends’ emails when promised free pizza.
This isn’t the first time a disparity between the beliefs surrounding privacy protections and the actions upholding them has been proven.
Fearing Terrorism, Germany Wants To Fingerprint 6-Year-Old Children And Force Smartphone Surveillance
“We can’t allow there to be areas that are practically outside the law,” German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters today while announcing new Nazi-like surveillance measures to fight terrorism.

The new measures include fingerprinting 6-year-old children and forcing technology companies to give the German authorities front doors to smartphones and backdoors into messaging apps in order to spy on all communications.
It seems each new “terror” attack in Europe results in more laws that destroy individual liberty and benefit the police state. Others are noticing, too.

Reuters makes sure to add that the “proposal encountered strong opposition in Germany, where the memories of spying in the Communist and Nazi run deep.”
Reader Comment:
Although terrorism is real it serves the same purpose as Climate Change as far as the Global Government crowd is concerned. IT IS JUSTIFICATION FOR CONTROL.... Giving up freedom for more government controls.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Sunday 6-11-2017

Slide Show
Here's everything Apple announced on Monday at its biggest event of the year
Slide Show:
The 17 most useful new features coming to your iPhone and iPad this fall
New iPads, Apple Homepods, iMac Pro And More At WWDC 2017
The Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference was a treat for fans and an awesome hangout for tech connoisseurs of the Silicon Valley. There were more vital announcements than one can count on the fingers of one’s hand, and some of them were really exciting. My personal favorite is the new iMac Pro. What’s yours?
Apple's Next Moves: HomePod, iOS 11 and iPad Pro
In a 2.5-hour keynote, Apple announced a slew of new hardware and software products.
1.  HomePod — competes with Google Home and Amazon’s Echo
2.  iOS 11
3.  iPad Pro with a 10.5 inch screen 
4.  New Macs — iMac Pro ($5000), and new updated iMacs.
5.  Watch OS 4
Hardware Steals the Show at Apple’s Software Confab
I'd like to highlight a few issues that Apple has announced that they will be fixing in the next versions of macOS and iOS.
A number of the new features Apple announced will fix long-standing issues.
After 30 Days of Android, I Went Back To Apple
About a month ago I scored a Samsung S7 Edge at Wally World (Walmart) for $399 as they were clearing them out because the S8 came out. My iPhone 4 was slowly dying (home button was flaky and cant update the software) so I knew it was time for a new phone - cant complain after having it for 6 years. 

I will say that Android is flexible and you can do what you want with it but it has LOTS and LOTS of problems.
On top of this Google is extremely invasive ... They want to suck your whole life into their cloud.
After a month of constantly trying to get it to work smoothly and not have a dead battery all the time I said the hell with it. I dont have time for this bull****, I just want it to work. 

I walked into an Apple store and bought an 128GB iPhone 7. The Apple tards told me to just take it home, plug it in and tell it to restore my last back up from iCloud. 20 minutes later my phone was working like nothing happened. My phone was talking to my Mac like it was never gone. Only thing I lost was the text messages from the last month which I dont care about.
The primary problem that I see with Android is its for tinkerers. Its the equivalent of Windows only worse.
If you want to spend your time debugging your phone, trying to figure out why it doesn’t work, than good for you. For me, I want it to be an appliance and just work. And Apple is as close to that as you are going to get.
This is Apple’s best iPad ever — here's why
REVIEW: Apple's new iPad Pro is the best tablet
Even with its faults, the iPad Pro is the best tablet of the bunch.
iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever, will arrive this December
Workers in China detained for selling Apple user information: Report
Police in Zhengjiang -- a wealthy Chinese province adjacent to Shanghai -- has recently cracked down on an underground network which has obtained personal information associated with iPhone accounts and traded them for huge profits.

Twenty-two suspects, who were spread across several Chinese provinces including Guangdong, Jiangsu and Fujian, have been detained for suspicion of obtaining computer information and invading citizen's personal information.
Total income in the case has exceeded 50 million yuan, it is alleged.
Apple legalizes and taxes in-app tipping for content creators
Apple’s newly published update to its App Store policies officially designates voluntary tipping via virtual currency as in-app purchases that Apple taxes 30 percent. By taking tipping out of the grey area, more app developers might institute digital tip jars as an alternative way to get creators paid without having to offer ad revenue sharing.
How to set up your iPhone to avoid expensive surprises on your phone bill
You can even see which apps are consuming the most data
7 ways to seriously cut back on iPhone data usage
1. Restrict iTunes and App Store downloads
2. Disable background app refresh
3. See which apps are using the most data
4. Disable Wi-Fi Assist
5. Download music, don't stream
6. Fetch mail less frequently
7. Use Safari's Reading List
If you're always running out of space on your iPhone, try these six tricks
10 basic iOS tricks every iPhone owner should know

5 things to do before giving an old iPhone or iPad to your kid
1. Wipe your old data
2. Create a child’s iCloud account
3. Control what your kid can—and can’t—do on her iPhone or iPad
4. Hide Settings, Mail, and other Apple apps
5. Turn on Airplane mode
iOS 11 release date, news and features
New iOS 11 features are changing your iPhone and iPad, and Apple's update is either out now (for the unfinished beta version) or three months away (for the finished version), depending on who you are.
It's an especially big upgrade for the iPad.
Which iPhones & iPads are compatible with iOS 11?
This article has a list of every device that works with iOS 11,
and another list of every device that works with iOS 10.
iOS 11 latest news - release date and new features
This article also has a list of devices compatible with iOS 11.
The next big iPhone update is going to save you some serious storage space
When your iPhone gets the next major software upgrade, iOS 11 ... iMessages, for instance, is getting a particularly huge change: All iMessages will be stored in iCloud from now on.
Apple doubles its $10/month iCloud storage plan to 2TB, adds family sharing
10.5-inch iPad Pro vs 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017): What's The Difference?
Apple has made both its new iPad Pros more compact. The scene stealer is the enlarged 10.5-inch iPad Pro which fits into virtually the same footprint as its 9.7-inch predecessor.
Early Verdict:
Apple has made sensible upgrades - particularly to the iPad Pro 10.5 which is now large enough to be a proper productivity device without piling on the pounds. The displays will Wow, the performance should be enough for even the heaviest power users and the cameras deliver a dramatic improvement on their predecessors. 
Combined with the significant changes for iPads in iOS 11, the new iPad Pros once again look set to lift the benchmark for tablets across the industry.
Three Videos:
Apple boasts that iPad Pro is, um, powerful
The New iPad Pro: You can feel the Power!
iPad Pro 2 release date, news and features
Cut to the chase
• What is it? The latest high-end tablets from Apple
• When is it out? Now!
• What does it cost? 10.5-inch starts at $649, 12.9-inch starts at $799
iPad Pro 2 price
• 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2
64GB: $649, 256GB: $749, 512GB: $949 
• 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2
64GB: $799, 256GB: $899, 512GB: $1,099
Which Apple iPad is best for you? iPad mini vs iPad Air vs iPad vs iPad Pro
Apple offers a number of iPad options - iPad mini 4, iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5 and a spec-upgraded iPad Pro 12.9. The tablets range from 7.9-inch displays to 12.9-inches in size.

The iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7 have been officially discontinued by Apple but are still available elsewhere, so we've included them all so you can see the differences between them and the new models to help you decide which is the right one for you and your budget.
The Apple iPad 10.5 and the iPad 12.9 are identical in terms of specifications, except for size.
The iPad Pro 12.9 is quite a bit larger and heavier.
The iPad Pro 10.5 on the other hand, will be better for working on the go.
Apple MacBook Pro (2017) vs MacBook Pro (2015): What's the difference?
Apple's new MacBook Pro arrived in October 2016, with a Touch Bar in place of function keys and a hefty price tag. It was then updated in June 2017 with new specs, as was the MacBook Air, while the company also announced new iMacs.
Which Apple MacBook is best for you? MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?
This feature rounds up all the MacBooks models offered through Apple, from the 12-inch MacBook to the 15-inch MacBook Pro, to help you work out what each model offers, how much they cost, how they can be configured and what their pros and cons are.

Read on to find out which Apple MacBook is the one for you.
New MacBook Pro: 6 Reasons to Buy, 3 Reasons Not To
We’ll focus on the new MacBook Pro with USB C and a new design that includes a Touch Bar on most models. Apple started selling the 2016 Macbook Pro late last year and now sells the updated 2017 MacBook Pro with a Kaby Lake processor and better discrete graphics on the 2017 MacBook Pro 15-inch. There’s also a better entry level price on the 13-inch MacBook Pro, that start at $1,299 now.

While there are definitely some reasons to hate the new MacBook Pro design there are also plenty of reasons to buy it — and the latest macOS Sierra updates help with battery life and functionality. All of the new MacBook Pro models get a free macOS High Sierra update later this year.
New MacBook Pro Details Reveal Apple's Hidden Goal
Apple announced a number of updates to its MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. The macOS powered laptops now come with Intel’s seventh-generation processors, finally bringing them up to parity with the Windows 10 competition.
Tim Cook and his team are trying to change the nature of the MacBook market place.
How Much Dirt Does Siri Have on You?
How much transparency will we get from our voice assistants?
Any time I ask Siri, “What data do you send to Apple?” I get the response, “Who, me?” That’s not cute. Whenever I ask, “Do you save the questions I ask you?” I get the reply, “I can’t answer that.” Again, not cute. I’d like Siri to come back with a concise explanation of what it sends to Apple’s servers and how long my queries stay there.
I don’t make a point of culling life lessons from Harry Potter books but there’s a moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where a character is chided, “What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.” That’s a good ground rule for any smart assistant.
Apple announces watchOS 4 with a Siri watchface, better coaching & more
Why Siri is the best app to have on your next international trip
When Apple’s next operating system, iOS 11, premieres this fall, it will come loaded with new Siri features that could be helpful for travelers going abroad.

When traveling in a country where English is not the first language, iPhone users will be able to ask Siri for anything from restaurant recommendations to the nearest pharmacy. Siri will be able to look at map results in a different language and translate them back to English.

Users will also be able to ask Siri how to translate phrases and sentences. Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian will be the first languages released with this feature, and Apple plans to add more.
Voice recognition has been the biggest drag on Siri since the assistant’s introduction in 2011.
Apple now feels confident enough in Siri to put it front and center on every device; Apple even went so far as to build a whole piece of hardware around it with HomePod. When iOS 11 updates roll out to a billion devices, and the HomePod starts arriving in people’s living rooms, we’ll see if Siri has managed to catch up to the competition, or if it continues to leave users with the impression that Apple doesn’t have a handle on today’s cutting-edge AI.
Amazon Just Killed the Best Deal in Tech
This article compares the cost of Amazon’s “Cloud Drive” to the costs of its competitors:
Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s One Drive, and Dropbox.
Services that provide only a few GB of cloud storage are free.
Services that provide one TB or more of cloud storage cost a small monthly fee.
Amazon’s fee is the cheapest.
AW Comment:
Although the above services have different names, using them is nothing more than storing your personal information on a corporation hard disk — and sometimes paying for the privilege.
All these services are targets for hackers. And hackers have successfully stolen personal information for some (though not all) users of those services.
Many people are using these services without knowing it (because some of the services are free) and without knowing how much of their personal information is stored on the corporate computers that provide the services. For example, copies of all your E-mails are probably stored on corporate computers.
Mark Cuban's Wrong About Bitcoin's "Bubble," but Right About Its Future
Cuban "isn't entirely wrong," David Zeiler said this morning (Wednesday). "The price of Bitcoin has raced ahead of itself. But what we're seeing is a lot of demand pressure on a fixed supply. That isn't changing unless people suddenly get bored with Bitcoin."
Cuban followed up his Bitcoin-skeptic tweetstorm by tweeting “I think blockchain is very valuable and will be at the core of most transactions in the future.  Healthcare, finance, etc., will all use it."
Why Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) Raise Millions of Dollars in Seconds
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become shockingly popular in a very short time.
ICOs have begun to rival venture capital in the realm of blockchain-based startups.
But while ICOs are an intriguing innovation that shows promise, the utter lack of regulation of this new investment tool means it's fraught with risk.

ICOs are built on the same blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin. But these tokens, or "coins," are custom cryptocurrencies offered by startups to raise capital for their business.
ICOs are a form of crowdfunding that uses digital currencies as the investing mechanism.

On April 25, the Gnosis ICO raised $7 million in the first 30 seconds and $12.5 million within 10 minutes.
The worst example so far is the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) fiasco. The ICO was conducted in May of last year and raised $168 million from 10,000 investors. But a computer whiz noticed a programming flaw that allowed him or her to siphon out $50 million before the project ever got off the ground.
Why the Ethereum Price Is Rising So Fast
The Ethereum price is rising like a missile because of these five powerful catalysts…
• Business Support
• Initial Coin Offerings
• China and South Korea:
• Russia
• Fear of missing out (FOMO)
AW Comment:
Betting on price changes in digital currencies is pure speculation, as far as I’m concerned.
I freaked out several people by showing them how much of their personal info I could find on the internet.
And it wasn’t hard.
For example, it’s easy for anyone to get a map of where you live on the internet.  Including criminal stalkers.
And web sites also reveal your income to ANYONE.
Google is keeping a dossier on you that would make any spy jealous.
At least Google shows you what it’s got and allows you to SOME power to delete it.
There are NO privacy laws to control what corporations (or anyone else) does with all the info about you that’s on the web.
Europe eyeing direct access to cloud services for police data requests
In the wake of a spate of terror attacks across Europe, regional interior ministers have been talking tough on tech. Encryption is one technology that’s been under fire from certain quarters.

There also has been renewed discussion about ways to speed up how law enforcement agencies request data from tech companies — so called e-evidence.
Three options are being discussed, with Jourová telling the news agency that one is the possibility for police to copy data directly from the cloud — aka direct access. Albeit, she couched this as an “emergency possibility” — such as for situations where authorities do not know the location of the server hosting the data or if there is a risk of data being lost.

Another option would see companies obliged to turn over data if requested by law enforcement authorities in other member countries.

While the third, least intrusive option would involve allowing law enforcement authorities in one EU member state to ask an IT provider in another to turn over electronic evidence without having to ask that member state first.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Everything old is new again and other thoughts


And Everything Old is New Again…


Welcome to the era of 64-bit Apple computing, starting in 2018. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple will tell developers they must submit 64-bit versions of their software to the App Store. Even more ominously, the news is that macOS 10.13 will be the last version to unreservedly run 32-bit software such as Microsoft Office 2008 and 2011.

So Apple moves forward like a shark, leaving the carcasses of past systems in its wake. I now have at home a G4 eMac, a 32-bit 2006 MacBook, a late 2011 Mac Mini which is 64-bit, and a 2014 MacBook Air. So I can cover the gamut of Apple’s operating systems for the 21st Century.

What can you do to avoid the shock of realizing you can’t run that old piece of software you depended upon? Well, for starters, don’t throw out your previous Mac. Of course, a lot of us have closets and cabinets full of old Macs. I’ve even seen the original 128K Mac at a friend’s house!

But what do you do if you don’t have an older Mac anymore? You should consider the virtualization route. Parallels, makers of the full-fledged Parallels Desktop virtualization app which I used for Windows 10, recently introduced without a lot of notice, Parallels Desktop Lite. It’s free, you have to go through the Mac App Store, and it’s not intended for Windows, only Mac and Linux and other Intel x86 operating systems.

I’ve tried it with an old Windows XP Pro SP2 DVD that I have and it put up a warning banner that PD Lite would only run Windows for 10 days for free. PD Lite then requires the purchase of a license. So if you want to virtualize Windows on your desktop for free, try Virtual Box. I use it with that old Windows XP Pro DVD to run an old version of WordPerfect 11 that won’t run under Windows 10. Otherwise, break down and spend the money for a full version of Parallels Desktop or VMWare.

Getting back to PD Lite, I find it perfect for running versions of OS X 10.8 and up. I have 10.10 Yosemite and 10.12 Sierra running with virtual machines on my Mac Mini. So I’ll always be able to run a version of OS X that can run 32-bit versions of necessary software.

As for the old PowerPC OS X software needing 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 on Intel hardware, get thee to PowerMax to get an old MacBook or iMac that runs those versions! You can look on eBay as well, but be careful!

If you need to reinstall your original operating system, you can use the Internet Recovery Mode. Hold down Command+Option+R after you reboot and hear the start-up “bong” Read the article I just linked to in the above sentence for full illustrated instructions.

Will Monitors start getting heavy again after years of featherweight LCD monitors?

Apple announced it would include support for external Graphic Processing Units in 10.13. Of course, enthusiasts have figured out how to run these external Graphic Processing Units in 10.13 in 10.12 and before with various bits of Terminal wizardry. See this article for details.

So what constitutes an external Graphics Processing Unit? It refers to those massive, very expensive graphics cards used primarily by Windows gamers to play realistic games at very high frame rates. They often require their own connection to the computer’s power supply and they require their own set of software drivers. So you can buy a box with its own power supply and some circuitry to connect the graphics card from its PCI-e interface to a Thunderbolt 3 cable and back to the Mac. Apple will start selling developers a complete kit to start developing Virtual Reality for the highest-end Macs.

I have read article which suggest that monitor makers should move the graphics card into the monitor case with just a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 cable running to the computer. That increases the monitor’s weight. I remember the days of 70 pound 17” CRT monitors that gave me back pain from just unpacking the darn things! I hope that’s not coming back as the standard!


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog




Monday, June 5, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap up for June 4 2017

Steve Wozniak tells us what he wants to be remembered for
He said “ ‘Happiness  = smiles - frowns,’ would be the best thing on my tombstone.” 
Here's why Steve Wozniak used to wait in line overnight for new Apple products
Our 9 favorite Apple ad campaigns, ranked
AW comment:  Apple’s 1984 ad should have been #1, not #9.
Surface Pro vs iPad Pro
We compare two of the best hybrid devices to see which can replace both your laptop and tablet. It's Surface Pro v iPad Pro.
The greatest difference is what software you can use with them.
If you treat both devices as a tablet then the iPad Pro is the hands-down winner, no question. Not only does it have access to the huge selection of games, media, and productivity apps that has been the hallmark of iOS for years, but everything is bigger.
But switch the devices into laptop mode though and the Surface Pro comes into its own.
The Surface Pro isn’t trying to replace your laptop, it is one. Running a full blown version of Windows 10 means you can do practically anything you want on it.
They’re both great devices, but how useful they’ll be will come down to how you wish to employ them.
Here are 3 things you should do if you want to start buying bitcoin
1.  Start small — don’t buy more than one bitcoin.  Better, buy only a fraction of a bitcoin.
2.  Write everything down — especially the password to your bitcoin wallet.  If you forget your wallet password, it will be useless and all the bitcoins in it will be lost forever.
3.  Don’t store your bitcoin(s) at the exchange.  Some exchanges were hacked and robbed.  The safest place to store your bitcoin(s) is a “bitcoin wallet”.
iPad Pro 12.9 vs Surface Pro 5: Which is the best laptop-replacement tablet?
The two devices start at a similar price point in the UK, but the Surface tops out at a much more expensive top end if you select the highest processor, memory and storage allocations.
The specifications indicate that the Microsoft Surface — should — be better than the iPad Pro.  It will go on sale on 15 June, 2017.
A later review will tell us if the performance of the Microsoft Surface is as good as its specs indicate.
Another page on the BGR web site that has a daily list of bargain apps.
The Micro Phone Lens lets your iPhone see and photograph the world up close
Finding Missing Notifications [on your iPhone]
An iPhone user asked "I thought I had turned on iPhone notifications for a couple of my favorite news apps, but I don’t seem to be getting any alerts — especially when I know there are headlines all over the place these days and my phone isn’t locked. How can I fix this?”
The iPhone can alert you to breaking news and other events, as long as the settings are correct.
Read this article for instructions on how to fix the settings.
Slide Show:
The 15 best iPhone hidden features you never knew existed
Smartphones, both iPhone and Android, have been around for the past 10 years. The first Android was released in 2008 and the first iPhone in 2007. Since, they’ve replaced countless things we once used on daily basis. Now, instead of carrying a backpack, we just carry our phones in our pockets.

In honor of the iPhone’s ten-year anniversary in June, Vocativ has compiled a list of some of the basic items and activities that smartphones (or sometimes just cell phones) have supplanted.
How to install two of the best call blocking apps for iOS 10
1: Hiya

Hiya was one of the first call blocking apps available on the App Store at the launch of iOS 10, and despite a few hiccups at the beginning, it has become the go-to free call blocking app for iOS 10.
2: Nomorobo - Robocall Blocking

Nomorobo - Robocall Blocking gets regular updates to its blacklists and the app itself; in fact, the developers claim that the paid subscription model adds more than 1,000 numbers to its blacklists every day.
29 Super Simple iPhone Hacks You Need to Know

Audio Podcast:
iCloud Syncing is the Bane of my Existence
This issue is discussed 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the audio.
Tips for working out with Apple Watch
Apple Watch is an excellent fitness tracker and has proved to be an effective workout coach.
Apple Piles On the Features, and Users Say, ‘Enough!’
As Apple prepares to show off new features for the iPhone and other devices at its developer conference on Monday, the company is grappling with an uncomfortable issue: Many of its existing features are already too complicated for many users to figure out.
“A lot of people will think it’s their fault, but it’s really the designer’s fault,” Chalen Duncan said. “People want apps to be easy to use.”
Sales of the Apple Watch have been hampered by the steep learning curve it requires of users, who must master pushing, turning and tapping various parts of the watch and a related iPhone app.
With Apple adding fewer major features in recent years, customers have been slower to upgrade their devices.

App developers are also pausing in what had been a race to embrace Apple’s latest innovations. Eliran Sapir, chief executive of Apptopia, an analytics firm, said that new apps were being introduced at half the rate they were a year ago.
4 keys to launching a successful business, according to this entrepreneur who sold Siri to Steve Jobs
Also, read the article about Adam Cheyer, the guy who created Siri.
Who can see my iCloud photos? How to stop your pictures from being hacked

Make sure your iPhone isn’t uploading your photos to iCloud by switching off the “My Photo Stream” feature.
Use two-step authentication.
Don’t activate services that you don’t use.  Or deactivate them if they are already active.
Android vs. iOS: Are iPhones Really Safer?
In a new Apple ad, a thief breaks into “your phone” but struggles to get into an iPhone. Here’s how it plays out in the real world.
The iOS versus Android security debate has been playing out for years, but Applethinks it has enough of an edge now to make it part of the iPhone’s marketing campaign -- a reason for consumers to switch, presumably from an Android device to an iPhone.
Last year, Wired magazine reported that one security firm was offering up to $1.5 million for the most serious iOS exploits and up to $200,000 for an Android one, a sign that iOS vulnerabilities are rarer.
Android vs. iOS security: Compare the two mobile OSes
Google pushes out Android security patches every month. Only Nexus and Pixel users get the update immediately, and other manufacturers might delay or skip the update all together.
Apple's most well-known security feature is its App Store, where any app passing through must not only meet Apple's security requirements, but also pass the tests.
Did Google screw up by not giving Apple the concessions it wanted to keep Google Maps as the default Maps application on iOS?

In retrospect, it is clear that they did.
Google’s actions in negotiating with Apple post-2012 are very telling. Google continues to pay Apple over $1 billion a year to maintain their status as the default search engine and not only do they no longer cripple iOS versions of their apps, they often have more features and run better than on Android. In spite of Android’s growing market share, iOS users are still vastly more valuable than Android users when it comes to ad revenue, with a single iOS user being anywhere from 4–8 times more valuable than an Android user, depending location.
Apple App Store Earned Developers $70 Billion Since Launch
Apple says that in the last nine years it has passed more than $70 billion to developers.
App developers are reaching the million-dollar status almost twice as often on Apple’s App Store than on Google Play.
The figures show that 66 publishers hit the $1 million revenue figure in 2016, against 39 doing the same on Google Play. That’s 1.7 times as many, not bad when you think that Apple’s market share is way less than Android.
App Store mints more $1 million publishers than Google Play
Sixty-six iOS publishers met or passed $1 million in app revenue in 2016 — that’s 1.7 times the 39 publishers on Google Play that achieved the same feat, and double the number of App Store publishers that made $1 million or more in 2015. Though not representative of all publishers’ experiences, the results highlight the higher earning potential of App Store publishers; this could attract more publishers to the iOS platform.
How Congress dismantled federal Internet privacy rules

Congressional Republicans knew their plan was potentially explosive. They wanted to kill landmark privacy regulations that would soon ban Internet providers, such as Comcast and AT&T, from storing and selling customers’ browsing histories without their express consent. 

So after weeks of closed-door debates on Capitol Hill over who would take up the issue first — the House or the Senate — Republican members settled on a secret strategy.  While the nation was distracted by the House’s pending vote to repeal Obamacare, Senate Republicans would schedule a vote to wipe out the new privacy protections.

On March 23, the measure passed on a straight party-line vote, 50 to 48. Five days later, a majority of House Republicans voted in favor of it, sending it to the White House, where President Trump signed the bill in early April without ceremony or public comment.

Fifteen Republicans voted against the bill, but the measure still passed 215 to 205.

How Twitter Is Being Gamed to Feed Misinformation
After last year’s election, Facebook came in for a drubbing for its role in propagating misinformation — or “fake news,” as we called it back then, before the term became a catchall designation for any news you don’t like.

But the focus on Facebook let another social network off the hook. I speak of my daily addiction, Twitter.

Twitter has become a place where many journalists unconsciously build and gut-check a worldview — where they develop a sense of what’s important and merits coverage, and what doesn’t.

This makes Twitter a prime target for manipulators: If you can get something big on Twitter, you’re almost guaranteed coverage everywhere.
For determined media manipulators, getting something big on Twitter isn’t all that difficult. Unlike Facebook, which requires people to use their real names, Twitter offers users essentially full anonymity, and it makes many of its functions accessible to outside programmers, allowing people to automate their actions on the service.

As a result, numerous cheap and easy-to-use online tools let people quickly create thousands of Twitter bots — accounts that look real, but that are controlled by a puppet master.
If Facebook’s primary danger is its dissemination of fake stories, then Twitter’s is a ginning up of fake people.
Bots give us an easy way to doubt everything we see online. In the same way that the rise of “fake news” gives the president cover to label everything “fake news,” the rise of bots might soon allow us to dismiss any online enthusiasm as driven by automation. Anyone you don’t like could be a bot; any highly retweeted post could be puffed up by bots.

This chart spells out in black and white just how many jobs will be lost to robots

When robots come for our jobs, the first people to fall will be those working in retail and fast food restaurants as well as the ubiquitous secretaries who are an indispensable part of the corporate world.

It may not happen overnight but slowly, machines are gaining on man’s turf and in a decade or two, about 50% of jobs in existence today will have gone the way of dinosaurs, or in this case, automation, according to Henrik Lindberg, chief technology officer at Swedish fintech company Zimpler.

Why we shouldn’t fear that artificial intelligence will steal our jobs

As amazing as robots are, humans still do many tasks better.

Marc Andreessen says the idea that robots will steal our jobs is a ‘total fallacy’

Marc Andreessen ... took specific aim at concerns over self-driving cars, arguing that rather than putting people out of work, they will create many subsidiary industries and, therefore, jobs.

That robots will replace people en masse is simply a “fallacy,” he said.

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone vs. Apple’s iPhone 7
Android co-founder Andy Rubin's The Essential Phone joins a crowded field of smartphones competing for the same Android enthusiast base of customers. Let's see how the Essential Phone compares to Apple's behemoth across the aisle, the iPhone 7.
Their specifications are very similar.
Their prices are also very similar.
But the Essential Phone is not yet for sale, so the author is not able to compare actual performance yet.
Andy Rubin's Essential phone is trying to revive an idea smartphone makers keep failing to pull off
Modular phones are a great pitch, but a tough sell
Modular phones keep coming back because they’re a great elevator pitch. If you could keep the skeleton of a phone, but upgrade and customize its various components to your liking, it’d mean you wouldn’t have to pay for a new device every other year.

In other words, it'd make upgrading a smartphone more like upgrading a desktop PC. Instead of shelling out $700 for a whole new device, you could just buy the bits that actually need upgrading — a new battery here, a better camera there, and so on.

The highest-profile bust was Google’s Project Ara. That phone started out with the idea of making its core components hot-swappable, but later transitioned to focusing on external, attachable accessories. The team behind Ara said it made that switch because it found that most buyers “couldn’t care less” about upgrading the internals of a phone. Four months later, the project was scrapped entirely.
Americans have to stop doing this idiotic thing with their personal information
94 million store their credit or debit card information online.
Two-thirds of Americans who shop online have stored their credit or debit card information online, typically on an online shopping site so they don’t have to pull out their card later on when they shop on that site. And 1 in 10 say they store their card information online on a website any chance they can.
That’s not smart, says senior industry analyst Matt Schulz: It can make it easier for fraudsters who hack into websites to steal your credit card numbers.
We are all one smart-phone video away from being fired
Bad publicity can happen if you are not on your best behavior whenever you’re in public.
Being under surveillance changes our behavior — and not for the better
It is not just celebrities who have to worry about personal recordings anymore — it’s everybody.”
As surveillance become increasingly intrusive and sophisticated, so do the effects of potentially being watched.
‘Math isn’t so hard’ for women post backfires for financial planning organization
The CFP Board’s Center for Financial Planning, a unit dedicated specifically to attracting new advisers of all backgrounds, recently posted on Instagram a quote by an unnamed female CFP saying the math required in the job wasn’t so hard, and that using a financial calculator was just like using an iPhone. The post sparked outrage from some advisers, specifically women advisers who said it degraded the profession and perpetuated the stereotype that all women fear math.
“It dumbed down what we do,” said Mary Beth Storjohann, a financial adviser and founder of Workable Wealth in San Diego, Calif.
The intention of the post was to break down “math anxiety,” or the desire to avoid number-crunching, so many women have, said Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis.
“I understand the CFP Pro campaign, trying to make the industry trendy and more relatable,” Storjohann said. But “where they’re going with this [post] is a disservice to those who worked so hard to get in.”
Here are 3 things you should do if you want to start buying bitcoin
1.  Start small — don’t buy more than one bitcoin.  Better, buy only a fraction of a bitcoin.
2.  Write everything down — especially the password to your bitcoin wallet.  If you forget your wallet password, it will be useless and all the bitcoins in it will be lost forever.
3.  Don’t store your bitcoin(s) at the exchange.  Some exchanges were hacked and robbed.  The safest place to store your bitcoin(s) is a “bitcoin wallet”.
How to Buy Bitcoins - Your Guide to Digital Profits
Bitcoin is so resilient, and so technologically advanced, it's going to revolutionize the world's currency system.
While there will be inevitable pullbacks, Bitcoin is built to continue appreciating over time…
As time goes on, the supply of new bitcoins will get smaller and smaller, becoming a trickle until the very last Bitcoin is mined in 2140.
And that's it. No more new bitcoins. The Bitcoin supply will never grow beyond 21 million.
Now contrast this to fiat currency, such as the U.S. dollar.
The central banks that print fiat money have no limits. They just print more to pay the bills run up by free-spending governments.
Another key aspect of Bitcoin is that it benefits from something known as the "network effect."

Simply put, the more people adopt a technology, the more useful it becomes. In other words, having e-mail back in the 1990s wasn't very useful when only a handful of people had it. But once a critical mass of people had it, e-mail became a virtual necessity to communicate.

Because part of Bitcoin's utility rests on the number of people using it, growth in its adoption rate feeds on itself, drawing more and more people in. And that will supercharge the already rising demand within the Bitcoin market.

It means that despite tremendous gains so far, the Bitcoin revolution is in its infancy. You still have time to add this unique investment to your portfolio.
How Much Is A Tulip Worth?
In this article, the author compares current stock prices to the tulip mania of centuries ago.  He wrote:
“At some point people will realize this [stock prices] is just tulip mania, as it is with Bitcon.  Yes, there are a deflating number of Bitcoins but there are an infinite number of real and potential digital currencies!”

A False Facial Recognition Match Cost This Man Everything
Denver resident Steve Talley files $10 million lawsuit after face-matching technology ruined his life

Computer software mistook his face for the face of a bank robber. The software and approach that was used, it has been shown, only garners a subjective estimate as to whether two images show the same person. It’s meant to serve as an investigative tool not evidence.
Take an individual who has a normal life and now it’s destroyed. All because they relied upon facial recognition so much. Maybe someday it will be extremely accurate but at this point in time, it needs more oversight. It needs to be more accurate before they haphazardly use it to screen people.
How Uber Drivers Are Helping Detect Cellphone Surveillance
With 'SeaGlass,' researchers are creating city-wide sensor networks that detect secretive police surveillance tools.
Police use “stingrays”, which they use to to intercept cell phone calls.  The stingrays mimic cell phone towers, causing nearby cell phones to automatically connect with them, with people none-the-wiser.
Researchers at the University of Washington have devised a network of sensors — called SeaGlass — to detect unusual "cell phone tower" activity.
They caution that unusual cell tower activity doesn’t necessarily indicate the use of a stingray. But while confirming the use of stingrays with total certainty remains an elusive goal, researchers’ ability to detect the infamous devices is slowly improving.
Researchers say “We think that SeaGlass is a promising technology that — with wider deployment — can be used to help empower citizens and communities to monitor this type of surveillance.”
Slide Show:
Disturbing photos of the toxic graveyards where your old gadgets go to die

It is believed that less than one-sixth of the e-waste was properly recycled.
Researchers expect the volume of e-waste to increase 21% to 50 million metric tons in 2018.



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