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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth has your Weekend Wrapup

Sapphire screens have three short comings. Innovation at Apple seems to have overcome all of these short comings.

A sapphire screen in future iPhones would be revolutionary because sapphire is a very hard substance and thatwill dramatically reduce incidents of broken phone screens.

Why Microsoft Is Charging You $99 A Year To Use Office For iPad

By giving the app away for free, Microsoft gets a shot at completely side-stepping revenue-sharing with Apple.

Apple confirmed to take 30% cut of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions purchased in Office for iPad apps

Microsoft: We'll No Longer Search Your Personal Email, Even If We Think You Stole Our Secrets

IRS defines bitcoin as property, not currency
This has BIG tax implications when it comes to dealing in Bitcoins.

Cybercrime Black Markets Grow Up

Forget script kiddies and website taggers: Cybercrime forums have become the domain of well-organized criminal enterprises and even some nation states.

The availability of on-demand cybercrime services gives attackers the edge over their targets.

Cybersecurity Expert and CIO: Internet of Things is 'Scary as Hell'

manufacturers of "Internetable" home devices are making unintelligent, insecure pieces of equipment that are designed to do one or two things with very little security measures put in place.

I do really appreciate the idea of having an alarm system that will remotely allow me to check my environments. You hear about people on vacation, they get an alert, they see somebody robbing their house, and they're able to call the police. 

That's exciting. That's a real opportunity for individuals to protect themselves. The problem is doing it in an insecure manner. 

Most likely [hackers] are going to steal your information.

I do not personally use "internet of things" (IoT) gadgets, because I don't trust them.

don't have your alarm system, your heating and air conditioning system, on the same internal network as your PCs.

Why we need strong net neutrality rules now

Time to invest in the death of Net neutrality

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