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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth has the weekend roundup

Apple is Now Offering Refurbished iPad Airs Starting at $419

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak says National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero.

Earlier this week, Microsoft's Bill Gates told Rolling Stone of Edward Snowden: "I think he broke the law, so I certainly wouldn't characterize him as a hero."
Just in case you didn't quite get what he was saying, he added: "You won't find much admiration from me."

However, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak seemed brimming with admiration.

Facebook can build a billion-dollar business by exploiting the fact that the app store duopoly (Apple's App Store and Google Play store) is basically incompetent at telling people about apps.

He Used To Work In A Gas Station — Now He's Making Millions Off Facebook Traffic

Basically, he was gaming Facebook's News Feed algorithm and business was great. But then disaster struck.

Facebook had changed its News Feed algorithm for the express purpose of reducing the reach of posts like Cardwell's.

He reluctantly began to buy "conversion" ads.  And that's when his business exploded with growth.

Businesses are actually better off paying for Facebook ads than trying to game the system.

Scam of scams: Stay off the sucker lists
Con artists fleece previous victims

New "refund-and-recovery" scams are the fastest-growing non-Internet fraud.

Con artists share lists of victims to target consumers who have already fallen victim to a scam.

Fraudsters claim they can help recover their lost money for a fee. In reality, says, the sales pitch is just another scam designed to get even more money from these folks.

Scammers have become more networked and organized buying, selling and trading these lists.  If you've been defrauded once, chances are you'll be getting phone calls from more scammers.

Telemarketers often trick Caller IDs into showing the calls are made by legitimate concerns.  You've probably heard of this tactic, called "spoofing."  You can't trust your Caller ID anymore.

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