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Thursday, March 13, 2014

OneNote for Mac is on its way, EverNote not quaking in its boots

The Web site the reports that Microsoft will release OneNote for Mac. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that this is part of a broader effort to expand the features and functionality of OneNote. 

This is in response to people telling Microsoft “Why should I pay for your program when I’ve got Evernote that does more than your OneNote program and works cross-platform, too?” 

This new version of OneNote on both Windows and Macs will feature the ability to clip parts of Webpages directly into a One Note file. Hmn, this is something that CircusPonies Notebook has had since it came out. 

I will download and test OneNote for Mac if and when it comes out. I will compare it against OneNote for Windows 2010, which I have installed in a virtual Windows 8 machine on my Mac. 

MIcrosoft has also said it will bring out new and improved versions of the Office for Mac apps suite. It is also expected to bring out Office for iPad. 




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