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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where can I get a deal on a Mac?

The recent unveiling of the latest iMac has generated praise for Apple willing to compete on the basis of price against Lenovo and Acer, and scoffing from those who find it underpowered and not capable of upgrades to memory or hard disk storage. 

Well, it’s here at the Apple Store if you want it. If you want an iMac with more power to it; consider avoiding the Apple Store. Go for 3rd party Authorized Resellers. 

For instance, if you knew where to watch for bargains, you could have scored a more powerful (quad-core i5) with more storage capacity and better graphics for the same price as a discounted low-end (dual-core i5) iMac. 

You just have to know where to watch and possess the patience to wait for the right moment. 

For where to watch, look at Appleinsider’s Deals page. 

MacMall down in Orange County offered this sweet deal on a new iMac. $999. Of course, there is California sales tax, but you’d have to pay that at the Apple Store, too.


IMac deal at MacMall


Appleinsider will send  you an e-mail newsletter listing these deals if you just enter an e-mail address. 

Appleinsider also offers a daily listing of the best prices from several vendors. Go to their Price Guides.


But then again, will Apple bring out something better in the next few weeks/days/hours? For that, you want to check out 

Macrumors Buyer’s Guide. They bring together the various rumors/informed speculation as to what Apple has in store or will have in store in the near future. This is their homepage dashboard with their recommendations. For more detail. go to the Buyer’s Guides. 


MacRumors dashboard of buy or don t buy




MacRumors Buyer s Guide

Tom Briant

Editor, Macvalley Blog


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