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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Wrapup with Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth

Apple is taking Android customers
Apple is taking Android features

Everything Apple Announced At WWDC

RANKED: The Best Smartphones In The World

iPhone 5S is number 1.

Here's Your First Look At Yosemite, Apple's New Operating System For Macs

Apple Asked Dozens Of People Which Apps They Can't Live Without In Its Inspiring New Video

Tim Cook Just Ripped Android To Shreds

Apple iOS 8's 12 Best Business Features

20-plus iOS 8 features Apple didn't talk about

Apple Dumps Google Search For Microsoft's Bing

Tim Cook's Apple comes into its own

One of the biggest takeaways is Cook’s focus on the long term. Many of the technologies unveiled on Monday were years in the making.

...efforts that have been going on in the background because they weren’t things that Apple could put together quickly. And they are all forward-thinking. These developments also position Apple for the immediate and long-term future.

Apple unveils HealthKit to integrate health and fitness data in iOS 8

We’ll get a closer look at Health when iOS 8 launches this fall. But if it works as promised, having a one-stop app with all your data is a needed step for health and fitness apps. Instead of a little slice of detail about your quantified self living in each app, we’ll get a bigger-picture composite profile that can provide better insights on our health, ready to share with our care providers—or keep totally private.

How Apple's New iCloud Pricing Stacks Up to the Competition

Let your kids waste endless hours on these video games
Don't worry, it's good for them because they'll learn crucial life skills

How to use LinkedIn for career success

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