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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekend Roundup

Apple's New iMac: Lower Cost ($1099) but Less Power

An extra $200 or $400 will buy considerably more power.

Apple Edges Into Entry-Level Desktop Market

"all in all, it's a pretty decent offering. It would have been really nice if they could have hit $999. That would have been a magical price. We haven't seen that from Apple in a long time. But it's still a good, solid system," Bob O'Donnell said.

Hands-On With The Amazon Phone — Here Are All The Major Features

Hands on with Amazon’s Fire Phone

How Amazon's New Fire Phone Stacks Up Against The Competition

Researchers Find Android Security on Par With iOS

Bright and Shiny Fire Phone: Amazon Delivers

Does the Amazon Fire Phone have enough cool features to become a coveted force in the smartphone world? Can it dislodge the iPhone or Samsung's Android-leading Galaxy line?

Will you want to buy one? Will I? Are you willing to shed your Apple ecosystem investment or Google-centric Android world for Amazon's?

In my opinion, the total package isn't radical enough to dislodge the two big market leaders, but … The Fire Phone is sure to be a hit with Amazon's most engaged customers

Amazon Announces The $199 Fire Phone, The First Smartphone With Head-Tracking Technology

It's Time To Admit The Amount Of Information Google Gathers About Us Is Terrifying

Google essentially knows everything about us — be that what we search for, what ads we click on, what we write about, what we watch, and what apps we like.

People Dismissing Yo Are Missing A Social Trend That Consumes 70% Of Bangladesh Cellular Traffic

For a few hours on Wednesday, tons of folks were buzzing about a new free mobile app called Yo, which simply allows you to message the word "Yo" to your friends.
That's all. A one word message.

As with most new ideas, people across social media were quick to dismiss Yo.

But legendary venture capitalist Marc Andreessen thinks the naysayers should be a bit more open-minded.

We Truly Have No Idea If Online Ads Work

The FBI Wanted Its People To Understand Twitter And This Is What Happened

The FBI has created an unintentionally hilarious 83-page dictionary of Twitter slang.

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