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Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Weekend Roundup with Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth

Woz explains why he likes the Apple-Beats deal

Was Apple's Futuristic HQ Inspired By A 1960s-era San Francisco Motel?

What Happens When An iOS Designer Switches To Android: 'It’s Death By A Thousand Cuts'

Do NOT Touch This Button On Your iPhone Or Apple Will Delete All Your Contacts

the iPhone also has a huge danger area when it comes to questionable contacts management: iCloud.

iCloud, Apple's storage and backup system, will delete all the contacts on your iPhone if you make one wrong step inside your iPhone's settings.

Apple devices in Australia hijacked digitally, held for ransom

Facebook, Google dumb down the new media: They ruined the pricing power of advertising, which roiled the industry

Last week, Facebook director Mike Hudack lit up the web with a much-linked-to rant about the dumbing down of Internet-age media, where serious news coverage has given way to "click bait".

The problem, Mike, is that Google (and, to a degree, Facebook) wrecked the pricing power of brand advertising. BusinessWeek essentially failed. USA Today's ...... online push is shaky. 

The problem has never been that the Business Insiders and Vox Medias and Gawkers of the world invented a more-appealing editorial model, or that traditional media didn't take their essential strengths online and supplement them with new-media tools. 

Audiences followed serious media online in more than sufficient numbers - the problem was ad rates, period.

Google deserves its success: Its advertising mousetrap is better.

As a freelancer, I usually get $200 to $750 per online article. I spend two hours to a day and a half on an online piece before I begin losing money.

The solution will be subscription models where mid- to large-sized audiences pay for quality content. Even there, barriers to success are very high.

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