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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Troubleshooting a problem with Flavours and PathFinder 6.x

I’ve enjoyed the Flavors app, allowing me to change the appearance of my Mac to an extent. It’s a lot of fun; but not every app loves it back. I found Pathfinder to be that one application.

After I set up Flavours and installed a theme or two, Pathfinder would not work correctly. The spinning beach ball of death sprang up. 

After several attempts to fix this through repeated running of Fix Disk Permissions, which did no good; I finally remembered seeing an item under the Flavours menu. 


Flavors troubleshooting exclude apps


That was the Troubleshooting…item on the menu, which led to the four item submenu of Exclude Applications, Clear Flavours cages, Reinstall help tool, and send diagnostics.


I clicked on Exclude Applications and got this window. The section you want, Hard Exclusions, lies at the bottom.


Troubleshooting pane



Click on the Select button and you can choose which app(s) to exclude:


Hard exclusion list

As you see, I have already selected Path Finder as an excluded application. To add additional apps, just click on the Add button to bring up a standard file dialogue box. If you want to remove one, just click on the Remove button. Click on Close to end the selection. 


Since I did these steps, Path Finder has not had problems. 


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog




1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed this app to until it would freeze up my Mac if I didn't have one of the themes installed. I tried uninstalling it but now my Mac just freezes up after I log in. No apps work except for iTunes. I did a safe boot, disk utility, and fsck but no luck. Any help you could give me?




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