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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Make OS X more to your liking with Flavours











Back in the day of Classic OS, Arlo Rose’s Kaleidoscope allowed you to customize your Mac’s interface to the nth degree.



Unsanity followed Kaiedioscope on the early versions of OS X, allowing you to customize. But then it went away, as Apple foiled Unsanity’s plans


Customization in the era of 10.9

Now Interacto offers Flavours, which lets you customize the appearance of windows in OS X. You can also choose a custom desktop


An online store offers a wide selection of desktops submitted by users. If you don’t find one you like, you can mix your our creation using Flavours.


Herre are examples of two color schemes. The first is Ferrrari Red.


ITunes in Ferrari red


The second is Shadowstone


Itunes in shadowstone




One downside to Flavours, as opposed to past appearance managers, is that it doesn’t give you a new set of icons to match your scheme. In the past, Panic’s CandyBar application solved that problem, but right now Panic offers CandyBar on an as-is basis. They still like their app, but they can’t keep up with the way Apple manages icons. 

 Liteicon from freemacsoft can help you with changing icons. It’s not as full-feateured as Candy Bar, but it’s free. 


Flavour’s price changes with the exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar going up and down. Right down it’s $19.90.


Flavours also warns you at installation time NOT to use any 3rd party application uninstallers such as App Cleaner or AppZapper. Use only the uninstall feature built into the program. Just go under the Flavours menu to find uninstall.




Flavours returns some control over OS X’s appearance to you. If your inner designer wants different windows and other elements (but not icons) check out Flavours. They offer a trial version.  



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