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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make a Clone, not just a Time Machine Backup, before upgrading to Mavericks

Before you upgrade to Mac, I have this piece of advice for you.

First, make sure you’ve run all the software updates from Apple on your 10.8.5 machine.

Second, AND MOST IMPORTANT, make a bootable clone of your current 10.8.5 system before you upgrade to 10.9. I just had a nasty surprise with 10.9 that I remedied by booting into 10.8.5 from my external hard drive.

If you’ve never made a bootable clone before and have doubts, call the Tech Daddy immediately.



If you can’t reach the Tech Daddy or prefer a woman’s touch , try Elena-Beth Kaye at Her Web site is here!

They’ll come over to your place and walk you through cloning your hard drive using Super-Duper from Shirt-Pocket Software This is a great piece of software that I use myself. I’ve paid the $27.95 for it and it’s worth every penny.

But I have to repeat. Make a clone of your functioning system before sailing off into the sunset on the good ship Mavericks.

Oh, and the nasty surprise? I couldn’t upload blog posts to MacValley! I’m using my 10.8.5 external hard drive for this purpose.

Read Topher Kessler’s CNET review of Mavericks here. That’s what Ken linked to above.

Tom Briant

Editor, Macvalley Blog

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