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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth has a potpourri of articles for you to read. Fix another cup of tea and dig i

Apple’s ‘spaceship’ HQ gets closer to reality:  New headquarters will be costly and seen only by select few
Other business titans have built fantastic skyscrapers in boom-and-bust periods — such as the late 1920s when Walter Chrysler built the Chrysler Building — only to see their fortunes reverse. This was dubbed the “skyscraper curse,” and it may be taking the form of a “campus curse” in Silicon Valley. Some readers have scoffed at this notion in the past, but there are others who agree that it exists.

Cupertino council clears huge Apple 'spaceship' campus for liftoff

Researchers challenge Apple's claim of unbreakable iMessage encryption
Report Says Apple Can Read Your iMessages, Apple Denies It
The claim that iMessage is protected by unbreakable encryption is "just basically lies," said Cyril Cattiaux, who has developed iOS jailbreak software and works for Quarkslab, a penetration testing and reverse engineering company in Paris.
The researchers emphasized they have no indication that Apple or the government is reading iMessages, only that it would be possible to do so.,2817,2425939,00.asp

Article on Apples new senior vice president of retail

glass screens on iPhones and Samsung phones highly susceptible to breaks, cracks, and scratches. If you don't have a cracked smartphone screen, you probably know someone who does.
But a product called the "ShatterProof" screen protector by Amzer claims it can keep your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device "unbreakable."
Watch the video of people trying to break them.

As Twitter goes public, more tweets go private
Site makes it easier for firms to deal with complaints privately
Allowing more direct messages from consumers also gives companies an incentive to deal with a problem promptly - before a disgruntled customer goes public.

The Crazy, Awesome Life Of A Google Street View Trekker

Google’s new terms of service are harder to read than “Beowulf”
The difficulty users might have in understanding terms and conditions raises questions about what it means to give informed consent and the way agreements with service providers are constructed, says Mortier.

This Is The Only Mobile Payment System I Could Actually See Myself Using
The company is the iPhone of banking – using its app to manage your money, you see nothing but a beautiful and intuitive user interface. All that ugly financial wizardry that we know has to happen stays where it belongs: out of sight. In short, Simple is a virtual alternative to your regular banking account.
The problem they most recently solved?
Mobile payments.
Any two people who are physically near each other and have a Simple account can send each other money.

You Can Get The Wisdom Of Nobel Prize Winner Robert Shiller For Free Online
Shiller recorded 26 free podcasts on topics ranging from options markets to portfolio diversification — they're up on iTunes for you to enjoy.

C.I.A. Disputes Early Suspicions on Snowden
The C.I.A. said that it did not suspect Edward J. Snowden of gaining access to computer files without authorization when he was working as a technician for the agency in Geneva in 2009, and did not send him home as a result.

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