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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Become a MacValley Apple User Group Member

  When I talk with people about MacValley, the one thing they almost always tell me is, “I really need help with my Mac.” 

  And many of them do need help, badly. The kind of help they need is almost always an answer to a simple problem that would take almost no time for some very knowledgeable person to fix. But for the average user, the simple problems can often be royal head-bangers.


  So what do you do when you have a problem? You could ask an Apple Genius. They can be very helpful. Yet the moment you leave the Apple Store, chances are you’ve forgotten half of what you’ve been told. And you’d feel mighty foolish going back and asking, “What was that third step I’m supposed to take?” 

  You could call a consultant, but most consultants don’t do phone consulting, especially not for free. That’s because with all the calls they get every day, giving out free help and free advice would take up at least half their workday.


  You could get help from your son, your grandson, your nephew, your neighbor’s kid, or someone you meet when you’re having coffee at your local Starbucks. Well, maybe not.


  Or you could come to the next MacValley meeting. (

  At every meeting we have lively Q&A sessions where anyone in the room can come to the microphone, and ask questions about their Macs or their iPads and get good sound help from knowledgeable people and other users like themselves. I’m always surprised at the number of answers our group has to offer people, and I’m intensely amazed at the background of Arnold Woodworth, Tom Briant, Tom Burton and our emcee Elena-Beth Kaye, who is an Apple Certified Consultant and exceedingly knowledgeable about all things Mac. 

  If you are self-conscious or feel like you don’t know enough, our Mac experts and MacValley members are supportive and helpful in so many ways. 

  And believe me, I know first hand just how terrific our people can be. Lots of folks find that getting information from MacValleyites is not only free, it’s fun.


  At MacValley you’ll have yourself a great learning experience, no matter what level of Mac user you are.


  So come to our next MacValley meeting. We guarantee you’ll not only get yourself plenty of good sound Mac info and advice, you’ll also have a really great time at MacValley Apple Users Group. 


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