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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Articles about Twitter connected to the September 2012 Twitter presentation

The differences between Twitter and Facebook

Twitter still basically just does one thing: It invites you to share something interesting–a comment, a link, or whatever, so long as it fits in 140 characters.

One reader's comment:  "Twitter is the most useful filter I have yet found for the web – it’s where I learn what’s worth paying attention to.  One needs the patience to build a good learning network before Twitter works at its best."

What is the difference between Facebook and Twitter?

1)  If you want to be in touch with just your friends, Facebook is your answer (since you can limit who can see what).

2)  On Twitter, People can follow you without your permission and you can follow as many people as you like without their permission.

3)  Twitter is more of an open playground where a post can be seen by anyone and everyone around the world.

Who do I need to know before using either service?

On Facebook, you need to connect first with people before you share a content...while on Twitter, you can get quick info without any obligation to follow anyone.

Twitter, Facebook, and the two faces of Social Media

1)  Facebook emphasizes profiles and people

        You’re more likely to talk about personal issues, happy birthday wishes, gossip….

2)  Twitter emphasizes the actual content (in its case, tweets).

        You’re more likely to find links, follow brands, news sources and other entities outside of your social graph. One out of every four tweets includes a link to some form of content.

3)  Becoming friends with someone means he or she gets to see your content, but you also get to see his or her content in return. On Twitter, that’s not the case: you choose what information you want to receive, and you have no obligation to follow anybody.

4)  Social networks focus on your friends, colleagues and personal connections.

5)  Information networks focus less on what’s happening in your social graph and more on information you want

The Differences between Twitter and Facebook

1)  Facebook is more about social friendships.

        Facebook is more of an ongoing social relationship builder

2)  Twitter is more about following topics, conversations or interesting people.

        Twitter keeps people updated on the here and now, and topics and trending conversations are constantly changing. It's less about social connections and more about staying informed.

Tip of the hat to Arnold Woodworth for all these great links.

Tom Briant

Media Manager, MacValley UG

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