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Monday, February 6, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Sunday 2-5-2017

Apple was supposed to move into its new $5 billion campus this month — here's what it looks like right now
Two videos and lots of pictures.
Messages About iMessages, but Not From Apple
How criminals to try to trick you into giving them iMessages account information that they can use to steal your money.
Online criminals target Apple ID accounts because they often are linked to credit cards for iTunes or App Store purchases.
Apple iOS 10.3 Release Has A Great Secret Feature
Buried in the settings of iOS 10.3 is the ability for Verizon customers to make WiFi calls without the need for your iPhone. Discovered by MacRumors, simply navigate to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices and toggle it on, you will then see all the devices you can connect and toggle them on or off individually. This brings Verizon customers parity with iPhone owners on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile who have had access to this for some time.
Top Messaging Apps for iOS
10 apps everyone should have on their computer
Actually two lists:  One for Mac and one for Windows.
Tim Cook Pays a Surprise Visit to an Apple Store in France
Solving the Case of the Mac’s Disappearing Scroll Bars
Former Apple Creative Director Reveals the Story Behind the 1999 'HAL' Super Bowl Commercial
Of course, the ad itself is in this article, as well as the story behind the ad.
Apple to introduce eye-strain reducing mode for Macbooks
"Night Shift," an iPhone setting designed to reduce eye-strain, will soon be introduced for Macbooks, but experts question the benefit
How to Disable Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro
Step-by-step instructions
I paid $3,000 for my MacBook Pro and got emotional whiplash
Apple’s MacBook Pro is too thin, and HP can prove it

Whereas Apple alienated a significant percentage of its otherwise loyal user base by sacrificing function for form, HP went in the opposite direction. It recognized that people want a nice-looking machine that’s relatively thin and light, but they don’t want to give up functionality to get it.

The point here isn’t to slam Apple. Rather, it’s to point out that the industry’s fascination with thin has likely reached its peak — and the new MacBook Pro took thin too far.

Apple Used to Ooze Innovation
Now It Oozes MBAs

The latest iPhone is barely better than its predecessor, which means the upgrade curve is slowing down both literally and figuratively. The technology lags badly behind where comparable Droid devices were years ago.

The Apple Watch… a flop.

Siri… choked.

Apple cars… no sign of them.

Apple Pay… just a ripple in the hotly contested retail shopping experience.
I’m concerned that we’re living through the end of Apple’s ecosphere.

And we have Alexa to thank for that.

The amazingly intelligent digital personal assistant developed by Amazon’s Lab126 should have been an Apple product. It’s what Siri was supposed to be.
Several members of my team who are diehard Apple users tell me they are now going out of their way to find workarounds so they don’t have to get sucked in. That’s a stark change from a few years back when they couldn’t wait to use the latest Apple gizmo.
Jeremy Clarkson and his 'Grand Tour' co-stars tell us about their plans to build a giant new social network
They recently launched a major new social network. They called it Drive Tribe.
Drive Tribe positions itself as a "digital hub for motoring." It hosts video, articles, social media and interactive content, which is all organised around channels, known as “tribes."
... the point of the website — to build a following around a subject rather than a person, like Twitter or Facebook.
Top iOS dating apps are exposing your personal life to hackers
Hacker releases iPhone cracking code used by FBI, other iOS impacted
The hacker gained access to the code through the Israeli firm Cellebrite, which helped the FBI crack the shooter’s iPhone 5c after Apple refused to help.
Cellebrite is an Israeli firm which specializes in extracting data from mobile phones for law enforcement agencies.
“It is important to demonstrate that when you create these tools, they will make it out. History should make that clear,” the hacker said.
While the currently released cracking tools do not include ways to break into current device models, the warning is clear: Once made, tools like this don't stay private for long.
How to Fend Off a Hijacking of Home Devices

What could go wrong with lots of internet connected light bulbs, speakers, etc?

A lot more than most people are prepared for, it turns out.

The good news is that so far, online attacks on home devices are relatively uncommon.

As smart home devices become more popular, they will become bigger targets for hackers. So it behooves us to get ahead of the curve by securing our home appliances, using these tips from security experts who have closely studied smart home accessories.

Or you could go the safest route and opt out of having these devices at all. That was the method chosen by Mr. Tien, the lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who previously studied the privacy risks of smart meters, the devices that utility companies use to monitor energy consumption.

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