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Monday, February 20, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Sunday, 2-19-2017

Here's how to access the iPhone's hidden mode that turns the camera into a magnifying glass
First you have to turn it on.
   The setting is found in Settings > General > Accessibility.
      Turn "Magnifier" on.
Then it's easy to access. Simply press the home button three times anywhere on the iPhone — either on the lock screen, the home screen, or in an app.
iOS 10 has some hidden tricks to help make life easier
How to delete and recover photos from your iPhone

How to recover lost contacts on an iPhone

Office for Mac adds Touch Bar support
Logic Pros: Using MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar w/ customizable key command shortcuts
Logic Pro (Apple’s music creating software) is the first app I’ve seen that lets users set up fully customizable Touch Bar buttons by assigning keyboard shortcuts.
Logic Pro does some very fancy and complicated things with the Touch Bar.
New MacBook Pro's Annual Upgrade Ritual
Is Apple getting ready to move to a yearly update schedule that echoes its tablet and smartphone hardware?
The MacBook Pro is not an easy machine to repair. In looking to make the laptop as thin as possible many components are tightly packed on the circuit board and there are very few pop connectors or plugs - soldering chips and wires directly to the board appears to be the preferred choice by Apple’s design team. Looking at the hardware the new MacBook Pro machines have more in common with the iPad Pro machines of today than the highly configurable and accessible MacBook Pro machines of the past.

I believe that is by design. The days of a consumer buying a MacBook in 2010 and keeping it in good condition through personal maintenance and servicing parts for seven years may do wonders for Apple’s customer satisfaction, but it doesn’t contribute to Apple’s bottom line.

I believe that Apple will bring over the iterative updating ethos from the iPad and the iPhone to the MacBook.
Getting users onto a regular and predictable upgrade schedule is attractive to Apple.
Several Apple Watch Models Marked As Sold Out, Gives Possible Release Of Apple Watch Series 3
The ultimate guide on how to use Snapchat
Here's the reality of what happens behind the scenes of perfectly curated Instagram feeds
Some girls just have the most beautiful, perfectly curated Instagram feeds.

Ever wondered how they do it?

The answer is: boyfriends. Loyal, subservient boyfriends.

A Facebook page called "Boyfriends of Instagram" shows the dark underbelly of those beautiful, envy-inducing snaps as well the poor schmucks behind them.
New App Promises to Change the Parking Ticket Game in L.A.
Developers of a new parking app created in Southern California say it will help drivers decipher street parking restrictions, avoid citations and even fight tickets in court.
The app is free and will take cash from advertisers. It will also take income from premium subscribers ($1.99 a month or $23 a year), whose purchase will get them digital testimony about the time they parked and where they were exactly, down to a few feet, should they need that information to fight a ticket.
Federal agents can search your phone at the US border — here's how to protect your personal information

When you're entering the United States, whether at an airport or a border crossing, federal agents have broad authority to search citizens and visitors alike.

And that can include flipping through your phone, computer, and any other electronic devices you have with you.

The Supreme Court decided in 1976 and 2004 that people have fewer claims to their Fourth Amendment privacy rights granted by the Constitution when entering the country, because the government has to protect its borders.

How can you protect your data?
First, Wessler says, travel only with the data that you need. That may mean using burner phones or laptops for traveling. After all, he said, "authorities can't search what you don't have."

Second, use encryption services. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Wired both have exhaustive guides to keeping federal authorities — or hackers, for that matter — from accessing your data. Always choose long, strong, unique passwords for each device and account.

US customs agents may require foreigners' social media passwords as part of vetting

Senator Pushes Bill To Ban Mandatory Human Microchips — Because It Could Happen

A new bill — proposed by a senator who sees the potential for tracking humans to come to fruition — would make mandatory microchipping of humans a Class C felony.

Nevada State Senator Becky Harris believes Senate Bill 109 could be a pre-emptive measure against the worldwide push to implant humans with microchips — and the inspiration for the bill came from one of her constituents.

Microchips were first approved for human implantation 13 years ago, but have sparked furious debate over the potential for misuse or abuse — whether unintentional or malicious.

Should the new bill pass, Nevada would join California, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin — all passed similar measures after an incident in 2006, in which two employees at an Ohio-based surveillance firm implanted chips in their arms to ‘access protected vaults and police images.’

This creepy tool reveals how Facebook's AI tracks and studies your data

Start learning how Facebook's algorithms collect and interpret your activity patterns, and get Data Selfie

Available for free, Data Selfie is an open-source Chrome extension that helps you discover how machine learning algorithms track and process your Facebook activity, and gain insights about your personality and habits.

To prevent ill-intended individuals from obtaining the information it collects about you, Data Selfie keeps your data locally – only on your own machine – and never stores anything on external servers.

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