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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for January 25, 2017

you need to upgrade to iOS 10.2.1 because of the serious security holes found in iOS 10.2.

Apple quashes bugs in iOS, macOS and Safari
Fixes new MacBook Pro's graphics problems with software update

Apple updated macOS Sierra to 10.12.3, patching 11 security vulnerabilities and addressing a graphics hardware problem in the latest 15-in. MacBook Pro laptop.

At the same time, Apple released iOS 10.2.1, an update that fixed 18 security flaws, the bulk of them in WebKit, the foundation of the baked-in Safari browser.

Update every Apple device you have as soon as possible

Apple released updates to the operating systems behind all its most popular devices—including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Apple computers—and although the company often updates its operating systems with minor changes or fixes, these may be more pressing.

Apple also released updates for its Safari web browser, and the Windows versions of its iCloud and iTunes software—all of which have similar security issues.

Here's how to use one of the many apps to buy and trade bitcoin

Apple will soon let app makers publicly respond to reviews

Apple has informed developers that beginning with iOS 10.3, they’ll be able to reply to reviews and have those responses stay publicly visible to other users.

Currently, developers have no way of directly responding to reviews on the app stores and instead must communicate with customers via email, social media, and other means.

Apple is also trying to streamline the process of rating and reviewing apps on the user’s end. Another change coming to iOS 10.3 will let you do enter a star rating without leaving the app you’re in and being kicked over to the App Store.

Apple builds iPhone’s Night Shift into macOS to help you sleep

The latest developer beta of macOS Sierra is learning a trick from iOS to help you sleep a little more easily: Night shift.

The feature ... changes your screen’s color temperature by filtering out blue wavelengths of light. It basically just makes everything on your screen looks orange-yellowish.

The idea, as backed up by science, is that blue wavelengths of light tend to keep you up at night.

The feature is currently only available in the beta app, it’s only a matter of time until it arrives for more users.

Apple's Night Shift is coming to macOS

Last year Apple added a feature called "Night Shift" to iOS.

It just popped up in the latest 10.12.4 beta of Sierra.

Trying to buy a new laptop is a good reminder of what makes Apple so special

Buying a Mac is so much easier and more straightforward than buying a PC ever has been. And it's a big part of why Apple keeps growing market share in a shrinking PC industry.

Man rear-ended by distracted driver blames Apple for crash

iver Julio Ceja, who lives in Orange County, claims his accident could have been prevented with lock-out technology, which disables the phone while driving.

But he accuses of Apple of purposely not implementing the patented safety feature, which he claims the company has had since 2008.

The lawsuit seeks to stop sales in California of iPhones without the lock-out technology, as well as force Apple to update the safety system on all current iPhones.

Apple iOS 10.2.1 Has A Great Secret Feature

iOS 10.2.1 slams the door shut on two significant security holes.

This web page has a link, every day, to a new list of “Paid iPhone Apps on Sale For Free”.

Is Apple Still Innovative?

Apple is repeatedly misjudged in the market, because Apple is playing a different game than everyone else. This particular game is both profitable and is eating deeply into the territory which sustains its competitors.

Microsoft has long specialized in computer software, not hardware.  Google has made money mainly from advertising.

It’s worth observing that for the last two decades, Apple’s insistence on making hardware (rather than being a pure software/services company) has been heavily critiqued by investors who see hardware as archaic, and the future to be pure digital. All web and data.

So it’s ironic that we are now observing both Microsoft, Google (and to a lesser extent Amazon) pivoting into manufacturing hardware—in an attempt to secure profitability.

It’s as if Apple had it right all along.

Where are Apple products made? How much does the iPhone cost to make? A comprehensive breakdown of Apple's product supply chain

And so we return to the original question: Where is an iPhone (or an iPad, or the component parts of any Apple device) made?

The answer is: everywhere. Due to the complex supply chain within each of these companies, the number of countries involved in the manufacturing and even assembly process of Apple's devices is impossibly diverse.

This all goes to show how complex and yet how successful Apple is as a logistical engine, keeping down costs and managing a vast and complicated supply chain with links around the globe.

RunKeeper offers suite of new features for iOS app

RunKeeper has long been known as one of the better ways to track your fitness through your smartphone.

The update will bring a number of new features, including better and easier social sharing and a simpler way to access your personal records.

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (15-inch, 2016)review

Apple's MacBook Pro Touch Bar Vs. Windows Touch Screen:
And The Winner Is

I’m going to be as fair as possible (despite my personal preference for the Touch Bar) and say, at the moment, for most laptop users the Windows 10 touch display is the winner. There are simply too many things you can do with a touch screen that you can’t do with Apple’s Touch Bar. But that assessment could change quickly. As Apple refines the Touch Bar, it has the potential to eclipse touch-screen laptops. Time will tell.

Apple hopes Logic Pro X support will make the MacBook Pro Touch Bar sing

Two of Apple's apps for musicians and music producers, Logic Pro X for Macs and the iOSversion of GarageBand, are getting free updates that add new features.

Garage Band 2.2 is free for most iOS users, or $5, £4 or AU$7 for some older devices. Logic Pro X 10.3 is a free update for Logic Pro X users, or $199, £149 or AU$319 for new customers. Both software updates should be available on January 18.

Activating the Apple Watch SOS Emergency Calling Feature

While hopefully you’ll never need to use it, a handy Apple Watch SOS Emergency calling feature can quickly call emergency services anywhere in the world. You’ll need watchOS 3.0 or later installed on a watch.

In an emergency, push and hold the watch’s side button and then slide the Emergency SOS toggle. You’ll need to be paired to an iPhone or connected to a known wireless network with Wi-Fi calling enabled for the call to go through. You’ll use the watch’s speakerphone capability. 

No matter where you are,, the watch will automatically call emergency services.

Afraid of being late? Here’s how you can set your Apple Watch’s time to be a few minutes ahead.

Complete instructions are in this article.

Never lose your data: Here's how to back up your Apple Watch

When you back up your iPhone, all your Apple Watch data will be backed up as well. So, if you perform regular backups of your iPhone, then your Apple Watch data should already be backed up.

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