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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up

Apple Watch Costs $84 to Make

Note that these teardown assessments do not cover expenses such as software, licensing, royalties, or research and development.

The most expensive part of the Apple Watch is its screen, which costs $20.50.,2817,2483556,00.asp

Tim Cook said this word 5 times on Apple's earnings call last night — here's why it's so important


People who switch from Android to Apple.  Especially in China.

iSmash! Video reveals 'impact-resistant' Apple Watch SHATTERS when dropped

the Apple Watch "Sport Model" {cheapest, starting at  $349 (£299)} has been to shown to shatter easily after being dropped from a height of just under four feet (1.2 metres).

when the watch was dropped so the display hit the floor first, the screen shattered with beads of glass seen on the ground after impact. 
In the video he exclaims: 'Are you serious Apple? That wasn’t even that bad. That was about three-and-a-half feet!'

By comparison, the Apple Watch, which costs from $549 (£479) and Apple Watch Edition from $12,000 (£8,000) have different screens made of Sapphire glass.

I'm so sure that the Apple Watch is going to be a huge hit that my own company is getting close to launching the Apple Watch version of our Futr Messaging App, which enables users to send video, photo and text messages into the future. There will be billions of units of wearables devices sold in the next five years, and Apple Watch and other Apple (and Android) wearable devices are coming. Those reasons alone keep me in Apple stock long term.

What can your Apple Watch do without your iPhone?

Apple admits that tattoos can confuse Apple Watch sensors

Apple is officially warning inked Apple Watch users that they might have trouble getting reliable heart rate readings.

Amid the 3,000 Apple Watch apps, plenty of duds

Interesting discussion of investment apps on the Apple Watch

This person likes Apples newest MacBook

This video of seniors using the internet for the first time will make your day

How to nail a job interview using Instagram

organizations are starting to use Instagram as a platform to display company culture.

Use Instagram to follow organizations you are interested in, as it can give you "an amazing insight" into what it might be like to work there, seeing the employment experience through the eyes of the employees

Starting your interview prep on the social media platform will help you figure out whether you'd be a good fit and can better prepare you for questions the hiring manager might ask.

10 things LinkedIn won't tell you

Hackers are slipping malware into resumes submitted through the job posting website to infect businesses, security researchers have found.

Hackers wanted - the good kind

There's a job boom in the corporate world for good hackers to keep out the bad ones

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