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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thoughts on the Clash of the Tablets this holiday season

Driving over to the Vons store for writing supplies (iced coffee, orange juice, and chili), I saw the Microsoft Surface 2 splashed across the side of a bus. Okay, Microsoft, we know you made a tablet. Now do we want it?

A recent incident on the late-night Jimmy Kimmel show displays the problem that all non-Apple  tablets have in the market. Jimmy had a bright young 5 year old. This youngster can recite the Gettysburg Address from memory. As a reward for his acumen, Jimmy offered him a Sony Experian Android tablet.

As detailed in, the young man pushed it back to Jimmy. His family will get an iPad for Christmas. 

MacLife had a link to a YouTube clip of this moment, but it’s been taken down. A great moment in product placement-not!

Note: A Google Search found the clip here in the International Business Times. The kid is adorable.

I would rank this up there with the time the little marmoset ran up to the top of Johnny Carson’s head and marked its territory with its scent glands. 

Now in defense of other tablets besides the iPad, a market does exist for them. It’s the market for parents who can’t afford to get their kid an iPad or fear their kid will break the iPad. 

Reading the comments on, it’s clear that parents regard these Android tablets as perfect for entertaining a child with cartoons on a long trip. You don’t need all the features of an iPad to do that. 

I listen to Classical KUSC and The Sound 100.3 Love Uncle Joe in the morning. Anyway, during their most recent pledge drive. KUSC gave away Apple-related swag. They gave away Apple gift cards and iPods stocked with classical music. 

The Sound has offered an iPad Air as its “thank you” prize. You text message “iPad” at the right time and you get entered in a drawing for an iPad Air. Is that not cool? 


Tom Briant

Editor, Macvalley Blog



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  1. Yes it is cool. I think this is nice to have an iPad with a tablet. Its a very good combination. I want to know more about these devices so please give information. I am waiting.




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