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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Statement of Editorial Policy for this blog

Good morning on this fine day, switching from Daylight Savings Time to Regular Winter Time. I hope you enjoyed the realization that you aren’t an hour late and that you still have an hour left to go before breakfast or lunch.


My first editorial policy is that while I prefer OS X to Windows, I will not abuse people who use Windows. Plenty of good reasons exist to use Windows. You’ve used Windows for years. You’ve built up years of data using Windows software and you don’t know if you could use it with Apple products. I’ll try to answer questions about the use of Windows-generated data with Macintosh software. 


You can buy a new Windows 8 laptop for less than $300. The cheapest Apple laptop is $999 for a MacBook Air. You have to make mortgage payments, car payments, car insurance, and other expenses before you can consider a new computer. Still. look into the MacBook Air and drool.


My second editorial policy is that if you want to buy a used Mac, buy a Mac with an Intel processor and not a PowerPC processor. Apple switched in 2005 from the Apple/IBM PowerPC processor to the same type of Intel processors used by Windows PCs. Legend has it that Steve Jobs saw that an Apple laptop using the G5 processor would run so hot it would singe your genital area. So Apple went with the Intel processor in 2005. 


Unless you have specific needs requiring a PowerPC processor in your computer, such as antique software running on the previous Macintosh operating system (OS 9.2.2); I really urge you to get a Mac with an Intel processor. For example, Microsoft’s Office for Mac has a PowerPC-only version (Office 2004), a universal version in Office 2008, and an Intel-only version in Office 2011. If you have a PowerPC Mac that runs OS X 10.5, it will run either Office 2004 or Office 2008. If you have the latest Macs, they will run Office 2011. 


My third editorial policy is to welcome Mac-related questions. You may not know as  much about Macs as someone else; but you know a lot of other things that I don’t know. Contribute tips on  other topics. This is a blog for and about Mac users, not exclusively Mac hardware and software. 


I would appreciate it if you kept the questions on Macs and their uses. If you want to complain about Obamacare or the NSA, go to your Facebook page. If you wrote an article for other on-line media such as The Huffington Post or National Review Online, I’ll put up a link to it. Once. 


Tom Briant

Editor, Macvalley Voice

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