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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fracture Screensaver now works with Mountain Lion! You've Got to See This

I checked an old e-mail address and received some happy news. Ben Haller, who wrote the mind-blowing screensaver Fracture for Tiger, has updated it for Mountain Lion. This brings it to version 1.7.

I downloaded it, put in my old registration code (it still worked!), and got lots of beautiful fractals.

It’s only 447K, so you can find space for it on your MacBook Air.

This is the first tab of its preferences:



These are some of the fractals it’s given me. You can save them while it runs just by pressing the Option/Alt key.








Like what you see? Go to the Stick Software Web site and download. The first 25 fractals are free, but it costs $10 for a license.


Thank You, Dr. Benjamin C. Haller, for updating Fracture and your other products. Good luck with your Ph.D. in Biology

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