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Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to import images directly from QuickLook into iPhoto

I’m not a photographer, but I do use iPhoto on my Mac Mini to warehouse the images I gather from the ‘Net.

With OS X 10.8.4, the Share button does not give you a choice to import into iPhoto, as it used to. Instead, you have to open the image in Preview and then import it into iPhoto.

I’m fat, lazy, and male. I wanted to cut out a step. And I found out how.

Here is a photo of an adorable puppy. Above its head you see the “Open with Preview” button, the Share button, and the full-screen double-headed arrow.


Now the Share button (outlined in red above) gives us these sharing choices:


All of the above are good choices, but they won’t get the photo into iPhoto! What’s the secret?

The secret is to press the double-headed Full Screen arrow in the upper right-hand corner:

Here is our adorable puppy in full-screen mode. Note the bar with 3 choices below the pup’s nose? At the left-hand side, you see the iPhoto choice. Just click on it and your image goes into iPhoto directly. You’ve saved time and energy.





Tom Briant

Editor, Macvalley Blog

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