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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zorro Macsk-touch screen for the iMac

I got an e-mail from TMDTouch. They are marketing a simple to install touchscreen adaptor for the 21.5” (27” to follow) iMac.

Here is their advertising pitch:

Dear Editor,

Sorry to bother you. I'm Nicole from TMDTouch. I would like to recommend a newly-released accessory: Zorro Macsk, the touchscreen for iMac. Firstly, Please read this introduction below:

Apple is firmly on board with touchscreen and multi touch to drive the interface of the devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but it hasn't done the same for the iMac. Now it's time for Change. TMDTouch, a Chinese based company, excitedly announce that a touchscreen--Zorro Macsk designed for iMac has been released. You can add touch functionality to your iMac within 10 seconds.

The Zorro Macsk uses infrared technology to sense touch input so users can use input such as natural finger gestures or stylus to swipe, scroll, click, zoom, and more. A free protective film offered by TMDTouch protects your iMac from scratches and dust. Now it is available on Amazon for $199 with various colors like pink, silver and black.

Add Touch Capability to iMac in 4 steps

The Zorro Macsk doesn't require any additional software to run. You can install it in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Attach the protective film to the iMac screen.

Step 2: Hold the Zorro Macsk with an angle greater than 45 degree and let it attach the iMac completely.

Step 3: Plug the USB cable into the back of the iMac.

Step 4: Wait 10 seconds. And you get a Touchscreen iMac.

Support Mac OS & Windows 7

The Zorro Macsk supports both Mac OS & Windows 7. So if you installed both window 7 and Mac OS, when you switch OS form Mac to win7, Zorro Macsk also would change the touch mode to Win 7. Vice versa.

Since the Zorro Macsk integrates the gesture recognition function of Apple trackpad, you can easily switch screens, hide tasks, invoke tasks and so on.

According to the designers, there are three main differences between the Zorro Macsk and the Magic Trackpad. Firstly, Zorro Macsk doesn't replace the traditional keyboard and mouse. It just provides a new way to operate the iMac. Secondly, the Zorro Macsk is attached to the iMac and it brings real touching experience. It supplements the iMac's touch experience. Last but not least, it's not ergonomic to use the mouse and the keyboard when you stand.  

Touch screens are great for children with learning problems or old people. Interactivity is less disjointed. With the fact that iMacs are so widely accepted as the standard in graphic design, touch enabled iMac is definitely a great idea. Smaller operators are making use of iPads, but those who have larger operations (more items, more need for data collection, etc.) really need a larger screen. They would like a touch screen iMac for restaurant use. In the retail business, Touch Screen capabilities provide quick and easy sales transactions and more. It's hard to point and click with a mouse for every transaction, during high volume seasons at the shop. All the business-end users (restaurants, retailers, designers) that would love to buy Macs for their businesses, but won't, because they rely on Touch Screen functions that iMacs do not provide.

What's more, Zorro Macsk makes the appearance of iMac more diversified. You can decorate your iMac with different colors as you like. They will offer DIY service in the future and there are full of possibilities.

At present, only 21.5'' model is available and 27'' model has entered production. After being tested, 27'' model can be preordered. TMDTouch will bring more surprises. Zorro Macsk is born to change the iMac World.

Thank you very much. There are photos of this accessory:


TMDTouch’s official site is here

YouTube demonstration video is here

Amazon storefront is here

Facebook page is here


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