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Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog It And They Will Come! 

Here’s a report on MacValley Followers on Twitter: On August 14 we had 67 Followers. As of August 23, we had 109 Followers. That means that over the past nine days there has been an increase of 42 new Followers. That's an average of 4.67 new followers every day.. 

The biggest reason they’re following us? Seems to be Tom Briant and all his hard work on our Blog. 

Here’s what readers out there in the great big social networking world are saying about our MacValley Blog: 

* Good Information, nice post. Thanks for sharing. 

* I have been intelligent for hours and I haven't gone through such awesome stuff.

* This post was inspired by a long weekend I spent browsing your blog! So thanks for what you do, and thanks for your comments here.

* Your writings, articles, blogs, all must read matter.

* Great job you people are doing with this website.

* Howdy dudes! Wonderful stuff.

* PC Backup in this era is so necessary and many people don’t realize how         important it is until all of their data is gone. my favorite system is                      MY PC backup. Does mostly all the work itself!! 

* Nice posting. Thanks for sharing.  

* Data backup is treated very much as an afterthought.

* Backup is not difficult and can save a lot of heartache and wasted time

* Interesting article and an interesting read. I have always been interested in establishing an office with paperless processing, this might be                           the push I needed. 

* And finally, one blog reader said -- “Thanks for this!!” 


Cristael Bengtson

President, MacValley UG

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