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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quicken may solve one of Lion's biggest problems

While checking out the Web, I saw the news that Quicken plans to bring out a "re-engineered" version of Quicken 2007 that works with Lion 10.7.  They also promised to win back the customers they had burned in the past.

I then checked on for additional confirmation. Yes, Quicken had released the letter and provided an e-mail link so that users would learn when this version of Quicken 2007 came out.

The comments at Macworld proved interesting. A lot of customers had given up on Quicken and moved on to other products, such as iBank and Money Dance. Two commenters remarked that Quicken Essentials satisfied their basic needs. Perhaps Quicken needed to expand on this product rather than return to the old code base of Quicken 2007.

Tom Briant
Editor, Macvalley Voice

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