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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Rumors about the iPad

A slew of rumors swirl around the iPad. If it wasn't the hottest holiday gift on the planet, and report rumors of a whole host of new iPads.

First, PC Mag reports, based on reports in, that Apple plans to bring out a 7 inch iPad to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, which is selling “by the millions”. Still, Amazon has not released exac sales figures.

Second, Neil Hughes in Appleinsider reports on rumors of two new full-sized iPads for 2012.

Apple will bring out the iPad 3 in March with a Retina Display, Siri voice recognition, and a faster processor.

Apple will retain the iPad 2 at a lower price point, as well as an iPad 2S with a faster processor.

How much of this is analysts reading each other's forecasts, I don't know. I do know that Apple has surprised us in the past, Remember the video iPod's introduction?

All I know is that a co-worker whipped out his iPad 1 at the office Christmas party to play some Christmas songs from South Park. I envied him. I want an iPad!

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