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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Magic Keyboard Trick organizes files into neat folders with one push!

You’ve come across this situation, I’m sure. You come across a folder on your Mac’s hard drive(s) that’s a junk folder for random files and folders. I’ve named folders “Junk Folder” for that reason. How do you get them into organized shape? I’ll show you.

I found the magic keystrokes placing files not next to each other together in a common folder. No more making the folder, then dragging files into it one by one. I make it easy for me. Now make it easy for you.

The first magic keystroke is holding down your Command key as you select files by clicking on them. If you worked with Windows, you’ll recognize this keystroke. Windows uses the Control key, but the idea is the same

The second magic keystroke places these files into a common folder that you give a recognizable name.

That keystroke is Control+Command+N. With the files selected in Step One, press Control+Command+N

You’ll see a dialog box asking you to enter the folder’s name. Enter the name and click on OK.

The files go into the folder. You’ve eliminated a bit of mess on your Mac.

Now for one more keyboard+mouse combination. If these files and folders reside on another partition or drive, you don’t need to drag them from one side to the other. Instead, hold down the Command key as you drag the files or folder over to their new home. You’ve moved it, eliminating another step.

That’s it for now. Shaving away the inconveniences makes you a Mac master!

Tom Briant
Editor, MacValley Blog

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