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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Sunday, December 25, 2016


Apple Mac Users Should Upgrade Their OS Immediately To Avoid This Serious FileVault2 Exploit

you’re probably going to want to apply the latest security update as soon as possible. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability that takes advantage of a security hole in macOS FileVault2, which makes it possible to retrieve a user’s clear text password.
Apple's new MacBook Pro has battery problems, Consumer Reports says
Consumer Reports does not recommend buying the new MacBook Pro from Apple Inc. appl a first for the magazine in regards to the tech giant's popular laptop computers, and said issues it found with the devices' battery life was the reason. In a review published Thursday, Consumer Reports said it purchased three models of MacBook Pro laptops and found "battery life results were highly inconsistent from one trial to the next."
Apple working with Consumer Reports to pin down inconsistent MacBook Pro battery test results
Whether or not the truth of the inconsistent battery results some are seeing on the MacBook Pro comes down to flawed tests, flawed software, or flawed hardware is unfortunately not something we can definitively say right now.
The New MacBook Pro: The Complete Filmmaker Review
We put Apple’s newest MacBook Pro through in-depth testing to see how it holds up for filmmaker needs.
AW comment:  This is the most thorough review of any Apple product that I can remember.
Also has better advice on which Apple laptop to buy than other reviews I’ve read.
The 11 most important differences between Macs and PCs
You get better customer support with a Mac.
Apple prides itself on design … but Microsoft is catching up.
Macs tend to be safer against malware, viruses and hackers.
Macs are usually more expensive than Windows PCs.
Windows is better for hardcore PC gamers.
11 Apple Watch tips every owner should know
How to turn on iOS parental controls in 20 seconds
The best lenses for iPhone photography
You can buy add-on lenses for your iPhone, and take pictures that would not be possible without them.
The Ampware iPhone case charges your phone on the go using a built-in crank

It allows you to recharge your iPhone, even when you don’t have access to electricity.
In theory, you could conceivably hit the trail without even carrying a charging cable, provided you don’t mind turning the crank on a regular basis.

Apple Airpods Review:  Wireless that Wows, Earbuds that Don’t
While Apple Earbuds fit most people’s ears, they don’t fit the ears of this author.  He wrote:
“Despite great battery life, wireless performance, and good sound, too much of my time with AirPods was spent fighting to keep them in my ears.”
“That might not be the case for you, however. In fact, Apple’s betting it won’t be. So if you share Apple’s wireless dream, and EarPods fit you pretty well, there’s a good chance you’ll like AirPods, too. Just make sure you try them on first.”
How To Take 360 Degree Photos On Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus: Quick User Guide
Taking 360-degree photos on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is fairly easy and straightforward, so a quick guide and some tips and tricks are all you need.
The first 13 apps you should download for your new iPhone
Top 2016 Smartphones With The Best Camera: iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, And More
Here is a list of smartphones with the best camera for 2016. To make things a little interesting, let us begin from the top.
10 awesome iOS 10 tips that will make you an iPhone power user
First look: IBM's Watson Analytics comes to the iPad
IBM today announced Watson Analytics Mobile for iPad -- an app that can be used along with a free personal or paid enterprise Watson account.
Most features are available to free-account users -- except for analyzing Twitter hashtags, although if you're new to Watson, you'll get a 30-day trial of that.
If you've ever wondered how much information can be squeezed out of a four-year old iPhone, you might be surprised.
Recently, information was leaked from a law firm that shows the depth of information that could be taken off an Apple iPhone 5 running iOS 8.
This is why you should really encrypt your iPhone
Since it’s encrypted with your password or fingerprint, an iPhone is useless to anyone looking to force their way into the data stored on it. But is that really so? Not quite.

Cellebrite is a well-known Israeli security firm that’s an expert in hacking smartphones including Apple’s flagship product.
ZDNet has inspected leaked files that showcase the power of Cellebrite’s software. ZDNet received earlier this year a series of “large, encrypted files purportedly belonging to a US police department as a result of a leak at a law firm,” which synchronized its backup systems over the internet without a password.
Cellebrite says it can’t hack passcode on the iPhone 4s or later. iOS 8 was the first iOS release to come with password encryption. Starting with the iPhone 5s, Apple also included a secure enclave co-processor in the phone to make phone-hacking even harder, if not impossible.
2016: Apple's year of ups and downs
20 years ago Apple re-hired Steve Jobs by buying his struggling startup for $400 million

The whole 'Mac vs. PC' thing is so over, and 'Android vs. iPhone' is close behind

Because so much of what we do these days is based in the browser and in the cloud, Mac versus PC is no longer a lifestyle decision like it was back when boxed software ruled all.

It's just a matter of taste. Even Microsoft knows it.

And in the exact same way, because of the rise of the App Store model, iPhone versus Android is barely a thing anymore to most people. That's why analysts now believe that iPhone versus Android is "stable" — nobody cares anymore.

The operating system wars are over.
After many years of being a Mac faithful, I've been using Windows 10 for the past year

They can both win. Windows and Apple have their die-hard fans, sure, but they can happily coexist.

The same goes for the mobile platforms, too.

Apple and Google both won. Apple's iPhone is ridiculously profitable, while Android dominates with something like 87% of the market. Each of them got exactly what it wanted from the smartphone business. Apple is selling a lot of profitable iPhones; Google gets its web services and search engine in front of more people.

Everything you need to know about the $3,000 Surface Studio — Microsoft's first desktop PC
Here are the countries with the fastest average internet speeds
The U.S. is in 12th place.
Driverless cars will kill at least 128 different types of jobs
Taxi drivers.
Police departments will downsize because driverless cars will obey traffic laws (eliminating a large source of revenue for cities).
Just to name two out of several economic effects.
Artificial intelligence is going to make it easier than ever to fake images and video
Here's a chronological list of data breaches. 900 million records lost so far and still counting.
Hackers get around AI with flooding, poisoning and social engineering
Machine learning technologies can help companies spot suspicious user behaviors, malicious software, and fraudulent purchases -- but even as the defensive technologies are getting better, attackers are finding ways to get around them.
L.A. County hacking investigation results in charges against a man in Nigeria. Now what?
Getting hacking suspects into courtrooms has often been impossible in high-profile cases, especially when a government such as China, Russia or Iran could have been involved in directing the attacks.
38 Crucial Tips to Prevent Card Fraud (Infographic)

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