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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for 5-1-2016

Here’s what happens when you block someone on your iPhone
iPad Pro 9.7 Review – On the road with the laptop killer
 I’ve been surprised just how much I’ve been able to get done on the iPad Pro.
iPhone SE Review: Apple's Outdated Innovation
Apple's updated MacBook is indeed faster with longer battery life
With iPad Pro and True Tone, Apple finds reason to nerd out over iOS color management
Unless you're someone for whom color is important — a photographer or a designer, perhaps — you'll probably never notice color management at work. For that small group of insiders, though, color management is often absolutely critical.
iOS and OS X are now essentially at feature parity with respect to ColorSync.
The top games Apple thinks everyone should have on their iPhone
This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours
Better “wallpaper”.
110 Best iPhone Apps for 2016
33 of the hardest questions Apple will ask in a job interview
ALICE COOPER Featured In New Apple Watch Commercial

Good humor.
Another cute Apple Watch ad
Apple - 40 Years in 40 Seconds
Elders React to Apple Watch
We tried out the genius invention that fixes the MacBook's biggest design flaw
Actually, the flaw is NOT in the computer, but in how it’s plugged in while being recharged.
A very simple but very neat idea for a fix.
While it's great if you're plugging your MacBook into a wall, it's less optimal if you're plugging it into a horizontally-oriented power strip.
Apple Learns a Bitter Lesson in China
China’s recent decision to ban Apple from offering its iTunes Movies and iBooks Store services must have come as a shock to executives at Apple.
Apple has invested heavily in cultivating good relations with the Chinese government.
Yet the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not seem to value such demonstrations of goodwill.

Beijing wants to keep foreign firms from dominating China’s information sector and from posing an existential threat to the CCP’s monopoly of power.
Carl Icahn dumps Apple stake amid China concerns
Icahn‘s investment firm owned 45.8 million shares of Apple as of Dec. 31, 2015.
activist investor Carl Icahn said he sold his entire stake in the company.
Don’t Make The Same Mistake Carl Icahn Just Did By Dumping Apple
Apple’s a bargain in the mid-$90s for any investor with the right perspective.
My take is Apple is still worth $200 a share.
corporate activists are not in it because they believe in the goodness of their actions. They’re in it for the profits – pure and simple.
Activist investors force false attention on the short-term metrics they need to make their highly leveraged and short-term investment positions pay off. That’s why they push for things like giving cash back to shareholders, spinning off business units, or making a series of acquisitions using cash on hand to boost returns. It’s also why they push for board seats and changes in corporate governance.
More often than not, activist investors significantly weaken the companies they target over the long term.
We expect Apple stock to continue lower.
the decline we expect from Apple will likely be much longer lived than the one that happened before.

We maintain our bearish posture and suggest that investors who engaged short positions on the heels of our recommendations maintain those positions as well.
This guy got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch
Windows 95 on your Apple Watch? Yes, you can, but it runs slower than molasses

… waited almost an hour just for the operating system to boot, mainly because emulation is not the best method to try and run an operating system.
The author of this articles says
Microsoft's first laptop knocks out the MacBook and the iPad with one punch

This incredible map shows the movement of every ship on the planet

Inside 10 of the world's most ancient and beautiful libraries

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why killer robots don't scare him

Physicists came up with a simple way you can outperform supercomputers at quantum physics
He was literally a rocket scientist. And even he couldn't figure out Windows
Originally, Oran says, it was called the "System" button, and it lived at the top of the screen. But for whatever reason, maybe because it sounded too technical, users in these Windows studies wouldn't click a System button no matter what. 

But once they renamed it the "Start" button, people understood it intuitively.
A hacker told me how to make a super strong password I can actually remember
Start with a sentence that’s easy to remember.
Make your password from the first letter in each word of your sentence.
For example:  “To be or not to be, that is the question” — becomes — “tbontbtitq”.
many people still resort to weak passwords, which hackers can easily guess.
a USB stick is a hacker's best friend (and your worst nightmare)
Don’t trust any USB stick unless you know where it came from.
the threat posed by USB sticks in the workplace — and even the US military — is very real. 

And there's not really an easy solution.
The Supreme Court approved a rule change that would let U.S. judges issue search warrants for access to computers located in any jurisdiction despite opposition from civil liberties groups who say it will greatly expand the FBI's hacking authority.

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