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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Floppy Disk Access when you've got an older Mac as well as the new one running El Capitan-Scenario #1

Scenario #1: You own an older Macintosh in working order as well as your current Mac running 10.11.


As I said, you only need to take the older Macintosh, such as my 2006 MacBook running 10.6.8, plug in an external floppy drive and a flash drive or external hard drive. You’re up and running.

MacBook 2006 with external hard drive and floppy disk


Screen shot 2016 05 28 at 3 15 19 PM



You can purchase external floppy drives from many computer retailers. I would warn you, though, that not all external floppy drives can read Windows/MS-DOS double-sided dual density disks and Mac-formatted high-density disks. Most can only read the high-density (1.44 Mb) disks.


I would advise you to turn to in Orange County. They sell two kinds of USB floppy drives. The cheap one reads only Windows/MS-DOS high-density disks. The more expensive one will read all three kinds of floppy disks. This is the one I use. 

Professional grade floppy drive from Floppy Disk



If you encounter Mac floppy disks of 400K/800K capacity, you’re out of luck. You’ll need an older Mac with a built-in floppy drive to read them. Ebay?


Thomas Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog

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