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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for September 20th 2015

Bottom line: Yes, you should upgrade to iOS 9
It's faster and more secure, it'll use less power, and it doesn't need as much space as iOS 8 did. Just get it!
How to upgrade to iOS 9 (and, if you need to, reinstall iOS 8)
You might want to wait a while before updating to iOS 9.
If you’re very concerned about your apps not working or your device not performing up to par, don’t upgrade to iOS 9 immediately. You’d be better off waiting for Apple to release the first major update to iOS 9,
3D Touch is a hard problem that Apple got just right
Before the iPhone 6s launched, no one was sure how Force Touch on it would work. Now we know—it works just great.
Neat Video:
iOS 9: Five small features that will change your life
El Capitan FAQ: Everything you need to know about OS X 10.11
El Capitan will be available on September 30.
Stephen Colbert interviews Tim Cook
Good video
Apple iOS 9 Has 25 Great Secret Features
Apple releases iTunes 12.3 update
Hackers Sneak Malware Into Apple App Store 'To Steal iCloud Passwords’
malware has found a way around Apple’s strict App Store protections. It’s been proven before and it’ll be proven again: even the most locked-down environments can be breached.
IBM Introduces First Computer Hard Disk, September 13, 1956
Weighing in at more than a ton and storing 5MB of data, the IBM 305 RAMAC was the first super computer with a hard disk drive (HDD).
IBM leased the RAMAC 305 computer with the Model 350 hard disk for $3,200 per month – a pretty penny in the 1950s.
AW comments:
The hard disk in my iMac stores One Tera-Byte (1TB) of data.
That’s roughly equal to 200,000 of those 5MB hard disks (Model 305) that IBM was building in the year 1956.
Accounting for inflation, the $3,200 monthly lease would cost $28,000 today, according to the BLS inflation calculator.

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