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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up

10 signs Apple listens to its customers

The best ways to free up space on your 16GB iPhone

Apple Maps is getting a really useful feature that Google Maps doesn't have

Apple is adding a feature that can tell you exactly which exit you should take when departing the subway or train station.

It's a small feature, but one that's bound to be really useful in a big city like New York (or LA), where getting out at the right exit could save a lot of time and confusion.

This is just one of several improvements coming to Apple Maps when iOS 9 launches in the fall.

Apple interns make almost $7,000 a month, but they can't whisper a word to their friends about their jobs

At other companies like Google and Facebook, it's not uncommon for employees to get poached or to leave after a few years to start their own companies. But, Apple employees are extremely loyal and usually stay at the company for anywhere between 25 and 35 years.

Apple compensates very well, even for lower level employees.

Apple Inc. iTunes U Set To Become Students’ Worst Nightmare After New Updates

Apple is upgrading the educational iTunes U app to include time-stamps on reports and assignments, it means now teachers can track exactly when students submit their homework

This is not entirely good news for the students who often like to dawdle and submit their assignments at the last second

Steve Wozniak welcomes his robot overlords, says the future no longer scares him

He said:  “They’re going to be smarter than us and if they’re smarter than us then they’ll realize the need us,” he’s quoted as saying by TechRepublic. He continued, “It’s actually going to turn out really good for humans.”

Apple’s early-adopting, outspoken co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks humans will be fine if robots take over the world because we’ll just become their pets.

After previously stating that a robotic future powered by artificial intelligence (AI) would be “scary and very bad for people” and that robots would “get rid of the slow humans”, Wozniak has staged a U-turn and says he now thinks robots taking over would be good for the human race.

Reminder:  Here’s an article from last week from someone who disagrees with Woz.

Apple Removing Games With Confederate Flag From App Store

Apple said that apps are being removed "that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines." Other apps that depict the flag in educational or historical contexts are not being removed.

Why is Apple so embarrassed by games?

Some have argued that the removal was “an understandable, if clunky, reaction to a symbol that has specific connotations”, others that it’s “an ultra-rare case of political correctness actually genuinely gone mad”.

what stands out is how games, uniquely, were CENSORED.

Historians take issue with Apple's Civil War games ban

Civil War historians were flummoxed by Apple's removal of Civil War games from its App Store that included images of the Confederate flag. The controversial symbol is key to depicting history, they said.

Joan Waugh, a history professor at UCLA, noted that the Confederate flag is an essential symbol in Civil War history.

“I cannot support the ill-considered action by Apple or any other company to remove the flag from a Civil War game,” she said.

The Times wondered how Apple defines “offensive or mean-spirited” in a game that takes place in an environment that is intrinsically offensive and mean spirited, and whether Apple might take the same action against World War II games that carry Nazi imagery.

After Nixing Every Title With a Confederate Flag, Apple Will Restore Some Games

How nice it would be if things were this simple, if the Confederate flag truly sustained racism instead of standing for it.

The danger of proposing a largely causal connection between the Confederate flag and racism is that it obscures the very real systemic roots of social ills.  We shouldn’t trade in fantasies about the way those symbols work and what empowers them.  Racism is much larger than its symbols.

Apple Will Restore Battle of Gettysburg App

The Depressing Gap Between Apple and the U.S. Federal Government is Widening

One Story:
The government keeps using old, obsolete and insecure computers by failing to upgrade to modern computers.
The stance Apple has taken on privacy and security and its tendency to quickly leave insufficient technology in the past stands in dramatic contrast to the U.S. Navy which finds itself, incredibly, still dependent on Windows XP (an old and very insecure OS).

Another Story:
The government is trying to compromise the security of modern computers used by honest Americans in order to spy on them.
The desire of certain parties to be able to access any particular computer at will has now achieved new heights. For example, "U.S. And British Spies Targeted Antivirus Companies."

Police issue ‘Apple Pay’ fraud warning to vehicle buyers

Fraudsters are trying to trick people into using – FAKE – Apple Pay, not the genuine Apple Pay service to pay for cars that never get delivered.

Individuals receive emails claiming to be from Apple Pay with a web link to a cloned website with false terms and conditions of the ‘escrow’ service.

Any money remitted to the fraudsters is then unrecoverable and the vehicles are not delivered.

Officers say buyers should protect themselves and meet sellers ‘face to face’ and view the vehicle before parting with any money, and also be cautious of web links in an email.

WeWork, which rents space to startups, is reportedly worth $10 billion — step inside and find out why

AW comment:  WeWork looks like a cool place to work, but Business Insider doesn’t.

A certified pilot turned Instagram star took these stunning aerial photos around the world

Here's how to send super-secure messages like Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden first contacted journalist Laura Poitras to inform her of his trove of documents using PGP.

So let's take a look at what PGP is and how easy it is to use.

But a word of warning:
There are ways that your E-mail can be compromised (i.e., accessed by the wrong person) after you write it but before you encrypt it.
Especially if you send your E-mails through an “imap” server, such and Google’s G-mail.

Those Chinese hackers got into FBI files too

Hackers who infiltrated the Office of Personnel Management and stole the security-clearance information of more than 18 million federal employees reportedly breached FBI agents’ personnel files in the process.

“This is the most successful cyber attack in the history of the United States” Michael Adams said.

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