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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How-To: Build a $150-$300 iTunes video + music server for your home | 9to5Mac

How-To: Build a $150-$300 iTunes video + music server for your home | 9to5Mac: ""


Jeremy Horwitz of 9 to 5 Mac has written a provocative article here. The Intel stick PC has a lot of potential, both as a form factor example and a tiny computer for small jobs such as iTunes Streaming from behind the HDTV. 

Even if you don’t plan to build his particular design of iTunes streamer, read the article for ideas. He encountered problems that you might to know about before attempting anything like this.

I am proud to say that the MacValley Blog has also published articles on iTunes streaming; here, here, and here. These articles have focused on repurposing an old Windows XP PC as an iTunes Music streamer. Okay, more a music streamer for DRM-free music. When it comes to movies purchased from the iTunes Music Store, assembling an iTunes Media Streamer like is the only game for now. As for movies you rip from the DVD using HandBrake, you’d probably want a DLNA server such as miniDLNA. 


Tom Briant

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