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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up

Here's why Apple's iPad business is sinking

why would you buy an iPad when you can buy a big phone that does everything the tablet does, and more?

Apple has sneaked in an annoying new feature in its latest iPhone iOS update — but there's also an upside

Good video.

Apple just invented an incredible technology that would help the iPhone further distance itself from every other smartphone

A better camera for future iPhones.

Why Apple execs support the new Steve Jobs biography

10 of the bravest moves Steve Jobs made at Apple

8 times Steve Jobs was really nice

These toys could make your kids smarter

Why a girl who was viciously bullied on Yik Yak now believes in the anonymous app's future

What To Do When the IRS Needs to Verify Your Identity

It's surprisingly simple, according to this article.

How to keep data miners from invading your privacy

Don't give out too much info and consider going anonymous with your emails

The only thing companies value more than money is market data. 

Knowing what potential customers like and don't like - their needs, wants, hobbies and even addictions - helps companies market to them.

Hackers may have had access to hundreds of hotels [and computers of their guests] without anyone knowing

This discovery involves a vulnerability that affects over 275 hotels globally and the Wi-Fi they provide to customers

Hotels are now scrambling to fix this huge security hole. But the problem is that many hotels aren't the most technologically savvy. This means they may not even understand the gravity of the problem.

Think twice before pulling up personal information online from a hotel room or coffee shop

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