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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tim Cook is gay.

Yes, Tim Cook is gay. No, you don’t get a free iPhone to celebrate the occasion.


If Iranian authorities freaked out over Mark Zuckerberg being Jewish and then banned Facebook, how will they react to this? Is their desire for the iPhone 6 Plus greater than their homophobia?


We’ve come from Alan Turing, a gay man who helped create the theoretical basis for the digital computer as he broke Nazi codes in World War II, only to pay the ultimate price later for his sexuality; to Tim Cook, managing the world-wide supply and manufacturing chains of Apple and rising to become head of it, now the world’s most valuable corporation, having the courage to publicly announce that he’s gay and he’s proud of it.


Progress has been made and progress is yet to be made. But the only time people are perfect…are when they are perfectly dead.


Now a personal statement. I’m a plump, dull, single straight guy with bad teeth, unruly hair, and a taste for both classical music and The Black Keys. My sister is a successful gay novelist, who kicked my ass out of self-pity to help get me a job during the recession of 1992-1993. Thank you, Sis. I wouldn’t have made it to here, typing away at my Mac in my own place, if it were not for you. God Bless You. I’m so proud of you. 


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog


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