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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekend posting

Editor’s apology-I’m running late on running these articles. Arnold sent them to them but I got distracted. So here are last week’s postings.

Tom Briant 

Editor, MacValley Blog



National Federation of the Blind says "Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company"

Jury gives full defense verdict to Apple, swats down $511M patent demand
Apple is 2-0 against "patent trolls" this year, and it faces a third trial soon.

China calls Apple’s iPhone a security threat
App could expose ‘state secrets’, state media says

China’s influential state broadcaster called a location-tracking function of Apple Inc.’s iPhone a “national security concern” on Friday, in the latest backlash against U.S. technology firms.

Look at the reader comments to this story.  A few of them are very good.

Apple Denies China's Accusation The iPhone Is A 'Threat To National Security'

Apple explained in its message that the location data is stored only on each phone, not on Apple's servers, and that all of it is encrypted. The company also tries to quash fears that it's working with the government to spy on iPhone owners.

Apple launched a blog Friday aimed at developers for its new Swift programming language.

The move marks a change for notoriously secretive Apple

Apple's Swift blog shows how important the new language is

Regardless of the motivations behind it, this blog is great news. Apple’s attitude towards developers has improved by leaps and bounds.

Here's What Happens When Kids Today See The Original Game Boy For The First Time

It's Becoming Clear Just How Vast The Censorship Of Google Is Going To Be

Google and security?  You're kidding.

The Google Play "ecosystem" has been diametrically on the other side of security forever. 

Security is a process, not a product.  Examining apps before approving them requires time, and time is the enemy when your first, foremost and only concern is making as much money as possible and vacuuming up as much information as possible.

Android (and IOS, for that matter) are diametrically opposed to enterprise-level (not to mention personal) security.  They both wish to own and process the data you have on your device, tying them inexorably to the publisher's services.  This is how they make money, and as such expecting otherwise is simply foolish.

Many enterprise users will find BlackBerry's "Balance" to be exactly what the doctor ordered.  But -- BlackBerry is missing a few things.

if you give enterprise users a way to carry only one device yet give up nothing in terms of both personal use and enterprise security you will have a huge win.  

Nobody does it today, but BlackBerry is the closest

Hackers know who is shipping what, and to where
How malware is infecting shipping scanners

Seven shipping companies across continents have discovered malware in their scanners that siphoned their financial, customer and other data to a Chinese botnet.

The CIA Is Trying Too Hard To Be Cute On Twitter

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ramped up its attempts at humor Monday with a series of posts fired off on its new Twitter account

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