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Sunday, July 13, 2014

MacValley's opinion on the rumored iWatch-it's coming and I don't know when

Quite a few pixels have been wasted on the topic of when will Apple bring forth the rumored iWatch

Various “analysts” parse the public available information on Apple’s new hires. such as someone from Tag Heuer. Another day, it’s people let go by Nike from their fitness band project.

Right off the top of my head I would say that Apple does intend to bring out some sort of wearable device that fits around your wrist. As to when they will bring it out, I don’t know and I expect my ignorance is shared across the range of journalists and bloggers. (Note; for this article, I was wearing pants, therefore I am a journalist)

I am mildly curious about Apple’s plans for wearable devices. Surely this would fall into both Jony Ive’s and Angela Ahrendt’s shops? Will they offer a model to monitor various health parameters? Will they offer a watch that will become the hot item for fashionistas to wear in the fall of 2014 or spring of 2015? Will it be the same device or two different items? Separate styles for men and women? What about colors? 

I will leave coverage of the iWatch to my fashion-conscious colleges.  Elena-Beth? Cristael? What do you have to say?

Happily wearing my Big Lots! watch,


Tom Briant

Editor MacValley Blog






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