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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Useful and fun Web site for your chronologic needs


You’ll often need a timer while using your Mac. You can download many dedicated timer apps; but you may not want to dump another one-trick pony into your Applications folder. 


Then let me recommend a Web site that can help you with your timer needs. The Web site is 


You start out with a digital clock with an alarm feature. You set the clock to the time you want it to ring. And it makes a loud, obnoxious ring when it’s time! You can’t ignore it! You’ll have to interrupt your game or whatever to turn it off, then take the clothes out of the washer. 


Onlineclock basic red digits on black background



In the upper left-hand corner, you can choose four different sizes of digital display. They range from small to EXTRA-LARGE. Even with my myopic eyes, I can make out the extra-large digits. 


In the upper right-hand corner, you can set the background color as either blue, black (the default), silver, green or orange. 


But That’s Not All! comes with a dedicated timer at



Fun features!


Want an aquarium with your clock? Just pick the aquarium setting and you can choose between four different aquariums. 


Want to see and hear rain on  your screen? Or a crackling fireplace? Handy for those of us in studio condos.  


Clock over an aquarium video




Clock over a fireplace video hooks into videos from YouTube to display these moving backgrounds. 


You can have a lot of fun with, as well as just count down to when your towels can come out of the dryer.


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog

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