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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth has a roundup of articles for you.

THE TRUTH ABOUT APPLE: Steve Jobs Left Tim Cook Quite A Few Problems

With Jobs gone, the visionary role needed to be filled. Jony Ive, who led hardware product design was jockeying with Scott Forstall, who led software product design for that slot. Ultimately, Cook had to choose. He went with Ive, and the ramifications of that selection are still being sorted out today at Apple.

Choosing Ive over Forstall represented a cultural shift for Apple. Jobs fostered a competitive, even adversarial, environment for executives at Apple. Cook wanted to create a more collaborative environment.

While he was refashioning Apple in his own vision, the technology industry didn't hit pause. It continued to charge ahead.

Now, however, Apple has its top executives in line, it's close to completing an overhaul of its software, and it should be ready to go for the next five years.

The next 12 months at Apple will give us a truer sense of Tim Cook's Apple.!H0Ihk

Apple's Mac Pro ship times improve to 3-4 weeks

Apple updates MacBook Air models with processor bump, $100 price drop

Angry Apple Fans File New Class Action over iOS 7 Problems

David Yastrab, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in California. Much of the complaint revolves around iOS 7 issues and the "Grayed out Issue" in particular. It's clear that many Apple fans were not happy about their iOS 7 experience and so this lawsuit shouldn't come as a surprise.

Allegedly, because of the Grayed out Issue, Plaintiff and Class members who downloaded iOS 7 onto their iPhones discovered their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were rendered unusable.

Apple will now alert you when the NSA wants your data

Apple is ready to defy authorities and let you know when the NSA wants your data.
Prosecutors warn that such a move will undermine investigations by tipping off criminals and allowing them to destroy sensitive data, but according to the Washington Post, Apple and others have already changed their policies.

Alerts to data requests won’t affect those approved by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court which are automatically sealed by law, or subpoenas from the FBI that carry binding gag orders.

Apple’s Great Green Progress
Tech Giant Apple Details Its Progress on Climate Targets

Why Apple is winning in China

iPhone sales are a sign that Apple’s steady approach to China is starting to pay off.

Apple can find success by pursuing the same strategy it does elsewhere: making premium products that people are willing to pay for, even if they’re more expensive than some competitors.

Jury Awards Apple 5.4% Of Damages It Sought From Samsung

Apple may have earned a favorable judgment in its latest court battle over patents, butSamsung is the one laughing all the way to the bank. A California jury awarded Apple a mere $119.6 million in damages rather than the $2+ billion it was seeking.

But the Biggest Winners Are Consumers

Mixed results combined with minimal damage rewards means that both companies put in a lot of effort and expense with little to show for it.

Apple & Laurene Powel Jobs Dragged into a Bizarre $32 Billion Dollar Lawsuit

Andre McSwain, self-described indigent constituent who has been deprived of his elite education, is asking the court to grant him $32 Billion dollars if the defendants are found guilty. Without any proof or patents to support his claims, he testifies that "was omitted from authorship and was not recognized as the true original inventor of Google products.

So where do Apple and Laurene Powel Jobs come in?  Even after reading the lawsuit, I can't figure that out.  The suit really is as bizarre as the author of the article claims.

Bill Gates Is On Track To Own Zero Microsoft Stock In 4 Years

Astounding!!  How much does Bill Gates believe in Microsoft's future?!H23WQ

HIGH-SCHOOL TEACHER: In 16 Years Of Teaching, Nothing Has Disrupted My Classroom More Than Snapchat's New Update!H20pq

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