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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's new batch of articles for you

Android Phone Blatantly Rips Off Apple
Even to the point of risking trademark infringement suit.

iPhone vs. ioPhone

When iPhone met world, 7 years ago

Steve Jobs' January 9, 2007 introduction of the iPhone will remain one of the important milestones in computing history.

What It Was Like When Apple Announced The Original iPhone Seven Years Ago

Apple's domestic Mac sales surge 28.5% as overall PC market shrinks 7.5%

See How Pixar Uses Apple's $3,000 Mac To Make Beautiful Movies

The 15 Apple Events That Helped Change The World

All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go

Just add one crucial contact ...... or update your skill set ...... and one of the site’s 187 million or so users will pluck you from a stalled career and offer professional redemption - supposedly.

One user said "I make connections only with people whom I have already met. It’s an Escher staircase masquerading as a career ladder."

Ford Exec: 'We Know Everyone Who Breaks The Law' Thanks To Our GPS In Your Car

The Cops Really Could Use Data From Your Car's GPS To Convict You Of A Crime

Twitter's Office Fire-Safety Poster Is Perfect

The poster says "In case of fire, exit building before tweeting about it".

French Bankers say Bitcoin Has a Limited Future

because most of the market is dominated by speculators rather than users, Bitcoin's value in other currencies is particularly volatile.

Bitcoin's functionality and ultimate success "is determined by programmers—and their goodwill is taken for granted."

Despite Bitcoin's "ingenious features" it cannot provide a currency of stable value and its use as a broadly accepted medium of exchange appears limited.

How bitcoin could get to $100,000

Who gets your digital fortune when you die?
Your E-mail accounts?  Your iTunes library?  Your E-books?
Your Facebook account?  Your blog or web site?  Your on-line bank account?

They are all valuable, yet few people take the time create an estate plan for their digital assets. 

Without a plan in place, you risk burying your family in red tape as they try to get access to and deal with your online accounts that may have sentimental, practical or monetary value. 

If you have an online-only bank account or a PayPal account, your executor may never know about that account if not for your digital estate plan. And what if you have a fortune in Bitcoins on your computer?

Designate a digital executor.  Pick a trusted friend or relative to handle your digital assets after you die.

Google is letting strangers send email to your gmail account - but here's how to opt out

personal data of 110 million Target customers, not 40 million as previously thought, may have been exposed to hackers

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