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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth has more articles for you

Apple's Eddy Cue defends e-book approach

Top Apple executive quizzed by Department of Justice in court

Trash can that looks like new Mac Pro causes a stir in Japan

the recently unveiled Mac Pro does bear a striking resemblance to the Tubelor trash can.


The Foundry this week announced that MARI, its industry-standard 3D painting package 3D digital painting tool used in films "Avatar" and "The Avengers," is coming to the Mac. The developer, along with Oscar-winning animation studio Pixar, showed off MARI for OS X at WWDC this week, just 8 weeks after it began porting the software to the Mac.

During the tests, the Mac Pro was entirely concealed in a giant steel cabinet, keeping its new design a mystery to The Foundry and Pixar.

"All we could see was the monitor, and the Mac Pro was encased in a giant metal filing cabinet on wheels." said Jack Greasley of The Foundry

Apple's Commitment to Customer Privacy

Steve Jobs Read  Mac Rumor Sites

Will the Robots Steal Your Paycheck?

BREAKING: They Already Have

Why Even Hugely Successful Web Sites Have So Much Trouble Making Money

"I learned the network effect isn't everything. In fact, it became a liability." Stock's words confused me. How could being in such an enviable position of creating a valuable marketplace be a bad thing? "Getting paid was a bitch," Stock said, and he began to unravel how certain marketplace businesses like Zvents can succeed themselves to death.

Google skims a proportionally tiny amount of value from a tremendously huge marketplace. The absolute number of people who buy a sponsored placement is large enough to keep the company humming, even though it only monetizes a tiny proportion of the value created.

Apple founder Steve Jobs, in rare video, explains why the tech world is not like the Renaissance

I'm worried that worst case scenario here is playing out and that Time Cook is to Post-Jobs Apple what Steve Ballmer has been to Post-Bill-Gates Microsoft.

Five ways to protect yourself from government surveillance

Map the iPhone Users In Any City, And You Know Where the Rich Live

The only winners of the NSA debacle are companies that protect your online privacy

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