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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Retina Mac Pro has a lower price-lowest of all at MacMall

If you want the lowest price on a Retina MacBook Pro, go tothis link. and MacMall have teamed up to shave the price down on the Retina MacBook Pro.

The high-end models of MBPs and Windows 8 notebooks have diverged. Apple offers you the high resolution of Retina displays, but no touch screens. Windows 8 high-end notebooks offer you touch screens, but no upgrade in screen resolution.

Again, this blog believes that Apple has the right idea for a touch interface. A touch interface on a desktop computer means stretching your arm into an uncomfortable position. Right now, I use the Magic Touchpad on the tabletop. It’s very comfortable to use.

As I’ve also written before, IT departments in corporate America would go nuts if they had to deal with screens covered in fingerprints. “For God’s Sake, Don’t touch the screen!” has been a commandment of theirs ever since when .

Tom Briant

Media Manager, MacValley Blog

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