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Monday, January 23, 2012

The New York Times asks Why No US Made iPhones?

President Obama asked Steve Jobs at a gathering of high muckety-mucks in Silicon Valley, "Yo, El Jobso! Why not build iPhones in the US?" Steve answered, "Ain't gonna happen. Ever. "

Why is this? Well, the New York Times did a story on this topic, which I suggest you read.  Even if you prefer Windows to OS X, the chances are that your computer or significant portions of it came from Asia. Why is this? It turns out it's not just the cheap labor, or the regimented working conditions. It's the ability to hire on masse thousands of workers in a day. It's the ability to have enough "industrial engineers" with the equivalent of a community college degree, to supervise the production lines.

Look at these pieces expanding on the NY Times piece in TUAW and The Atlantic Monthly, too.

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