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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cristael Bengston reflects on this year's Macworld/iWorld

We just got back to our hotel room from the final day of MacWorld-iWorld 2012. To cap off MacWorld, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Elena-Beth hosts this dinner, informally, every year. This year there were seven of us enjoying one Chinese dish after the next, all of them delicious.
The biggest  memories of MacWorld-iWorld that I’ll bring home with me will be first, elbowing my way through the crush of people in the aisles, secondly, watching the demos of hundreds of different projects, third, talking with so many of the exhibitors about donating prizes to MacValley, and of course, the thrill that comes when one exhibitor after the next said to me, “Sure, we’ll be glad to help your group out.” 
Where last year was slow and almost desperate, this year was totally upbeat. There was a wide variety of exhibits, and there were a lot of people over 40 and up who were seriously buying products at this MacWorld-iWorld. This was a year when I really felt at home with the people around me, who were all ages, all kinds. 
I guess what I’m feeling is an optimism that’s in the air here in SF MacWorld. It really motivates me, and gives me a boost for the coming year.
Best of all, we’ll be bringing home some goodies from the show to share with folks at our upcoming meeting on Wednesday.  
See you at next Wednesday's meeting!
Cristael -- 

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