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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stan has a question for our readers

Our second questions comes from Stan in Santa Monica, who has problems with iCal:

"Hello.....I'm taking you at your word....feel free to write with questions.....I just moved to Santa Monica and I need some help in setting up my iMac......would you know of anyone in my area who might be able to work with me.......I'm on line and working,but when I use iCal I get a small window that says THE SERVER RESPONDED WITH AN ERROR
The server did not recognize your user name or password for the account "". Make sure you enter them correctly.....

I click ok, but it comes back a few minutes you know of anyone in or near Santa Monica who might help...

I thank you so much...."


Hi Stan --

You've sent a really great question, and while I definitely don't know the answer, I can make a suggestion or two. And our Editor-in-Chief, Tom Briant, can post this on the MacValley Blog (minus your last name and your email address). We'll see who else might have comments that could be helpful.

First, for some really good names, go to Apple's website and look under Apple Consultants Network. (,%20cA)

We've found some really great people that way, and some of them have even given presentations at MacValleys General meetings.

Second, look under the Apple Reseller locator ( They almost always have in-store consultants. There are some good ones out there, and they can be very helpful.

Thanks for your email --

Cristael Bengtson
MacValley Users Group

Again, what do you readers advise Stan to do? Put your answers in the comments

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