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Monday, August 29, 2011

Andrea has a question for you readers!

Our President, Cristael Bengston received the following e-mail:

Hi Cristael,
I have an entire house full of old Mac's.

I need to wipe the hard drives and then try to see if I can
donate to a school or something..

Can you suggest something?

Mac User since 89..

In response, Cristael answered:

Hi Andrea --

What a great question to ask! This is one that comes up every so often, and we've never really gotten a good answer for it.

A few suggestions:

1. Do you know any schoolteachers? They might have ideas as to where you can get in touch with someone in charge of classroom computers.

2. Call your local schools and talk to the secretaries -- or P.A.'s -- in chief. Secretaries (Oops, P.A.'s) are major founts of information on just about everything, and if they don't know the answer, the secretaries' network probably will.

3. Check with your local Apple resellers. See what kind of info they have on getting those hard-drives wiped for free.

4. Also try & get hold of the people in the LA recycling department. Or go online and hunt around their site to find recycling centers that specialize in computer recycling. They might know a thing or two.

This is such an interesting email you've sent that I'd like to ask our Editor-in-Chief, Tom Briant, to post this on the MacValley Blog (minus your last name & email address!) I'll bet there are more people out there who would be interested in answers to this question.

Thanks for your email!

Cristael Bengtson
MacValley Users Group

Now I'm asking our readers to suggest answers for Andrea and her surfeit of Macs.

What would you suggest Andrea do?

Tom Briant
Editor, MacValley Voice

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