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Friday, July 8, 2011

Lion Watch, the presentation at MacValley, and WebOS

Another Day of Lion Watch. Still not out yet.

The presentation on Wednesday night that I made was a success. Everyone learned something, lots of people asked questions.

One question that I remember was, “Can you run 10.4 Tiger on the same system as Lion?” I must admit I don’t know.

Elena-Beth Kaye brought up the point that a Mac’s minimum operating system may be the one it came with. Apple may not let you go back and install an earlier system. Good point.

So my answer right now is, “I don’t know for sure. If you have a Core 2 Duo purchased in 2007 that came with Tiger and will handle at least 2 Gb of RAM and you have sufficient hard disk space for the Lion installation-then I would presume that you could run Tiger and Lion in separate partitions with this machine.”

If your machine originally came with Leopard or Snow Leopard, then the earliest system you could run may be the one that came with your machine. If your Leopard or Snow Leopard machine has at least a Core 2 Duo, at least 2 Gb of RAM and sufficient hard disk space; then it should run Lion, too. But I can’t say for certain that it would run Tiger.

And if you bought a new machine with Lion installed, you have no guarantee that it would run Snow Leopard.

Lion Watch!

The latest rumor is that Apple will bring it out next week. Apple will refresh its stores, add more memory to Macs in stock, and prepare for visitors who need to borrow Apple’s in-store Wi-Fi to download the Lion installer.

So stay tuned for another episode of Lion Watch! On this blog.

Funniest iPad competitor this week

The funniest competition to the iPad came this week from HP. They introduced their new TouchPad and their new celebrity spokesman. This is a funny train wreck.

Who is that new spokesman, meant to reach a youthful audience? None other than British comedian and actor Russell Brand.

If your first response is “Who?”, remember those billboards for the remake of the movie Arthur around town? Yes, he starred in that flop. He married singer Katy Perry. Maybe she would have been a better choice.

As for reviews of the TouchPad, they weren’t good. This is not an iPad killer by any means. It’s just not ready.

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